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It is necessary today to make your WordPress blog fast. Google search engine algorithm also added site speed as the algorithm. It is really difficult to choose a fast and reliable hosting provider which will be able to provide that high speed even after getting high traffic also. In this post I am going to write about a managed WordPress hosting provider which provide hosting only for WordPress and their technology is focused on providing better service for WordPress.

As they are concentrating them all technical skills only for hosting a WordPress site so there is a special care for running a WordPress site which gives the hosting quality great. It is Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting.

About Flywheel WordPress hosting and advantages of using it:

Flywheel managed WordPress hosting is easy to use hosting with very simple and easy dashboard panel from where you can manage your site easily without any hassle. You don’t need so much technical skill to use this hosting provider. Thus you can fully concentrate on blogging.

The pricing starts from $15 for tiny later you can upgrade to a higher plan if you need. In the below pictures you can see the plans:





Some of the major advantages of Flywheel WordPress hosting are:

  1. Your site will backup automatically every night and Flywheel store it for 30 days. You can restore your site for any time easily.
  2. Flywheel managed WordPress hosting gives you really fast and reliable speed for your blog even after getting a high amount of traffic. The blazing fast or lightning fast speed of WordPress on Flywheel is really amazing and give your blog nice user experience.
  3. Also, another advantage of Flywheel is that you can build the site on your Flywheel account and later you can transfer it to your client and thus your client will pay for the site. It does not need to share account password anymore.
  4. Blueprint is so unique feature that Flywheel use. Blueprints allow you to copy theme and plugins of your existing WordPress site and use it in future for your new WordPress site.
  5. Flywheel work very hard to make sure of your site is always malware-free. If it does get hacked, they fix it for free.
  6. With data centers that are located globally, Flywheel is committed to unbeatable page speeds for the audience worldwide. So you can get a blazing fast speed of your WordPress site all around the world.

You can upgrade to higher plan when you see an increase in traffic and thus your site will also be fast for the high amount of traffic on your WordPress site. You can also request for a custom plan when you need more. Flywheel will help you. Well, I want to say you that currently EyeSwift is also hosting on Flywheel at the time of writing this post and maybe you will also like to start your blog on Flywheel.

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