Make Your WordPress Site Faster Than Hosting Capacity

By F.A Mollick

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Today in this high speed internet era speed is a major factor for every WordPress sites and even for all other websites. Slow loading website means you are going to loose a huge traffic that could be yours. What steps you have taken to speed up your WordPress blog? Here in this post you are going to see how you can speed up your WordPress blog site more faster and even more faster than your hosting capacity.

Are you thinking if it is possible or not? Yes it is possible and now I am going to tell you how you can make your website more faster than your hosting provider’s capacity.

So how to make a WordPress site faster than the hosting capacity?

There are lots of WordPress blog site owners are thinking that it is impossible to get a website faster than the server capacity if they don’t know about CDN. Yes, you can make your WordPress blog website even more faster than the capacity provided by your hosting provider by reducing the load on server using a CDN network.

So how CDN can do this?

CDN or a content delivery network is a system of distributed servers (network) stored the static contents like images, CSS, JavaScript etc in multiple locations globally and than deliver those web content to a user based on the nearest geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and a content delivery server.

With this process the user will not get those static web content form your hosting provider’s server. Users get it from the CDN network that has the copy of your website’s static content. Thus your hosting server don’t have to take this load and it will not go slower easily and can take more load. And also it provide your website super fast speed as it get the contents of your website from the nearest server of the CDN network.


How to get an CDN for your site?

So you have an idea about CDN network and may be you also wish to get it for your website. You can get CDN for your website also. There are some popular CDN providers available which you can use. MaxCDN and Cloudflare are most popular CDN providers and you can use their CDN network for your website. Even I also recommend you to use these CDN providers. I am using Cloudflare CDN on this website as Cloudflare also provide a high website security along with CDN. There are lots of more CDN providers like Rackspace Cloud Files, CacheFly, CDN77, CDNetworks, KeyCDN, Google Cloud CDN etc. But I personally suggest MaxCDN and Cloudflare. these are the most popular CDN networks and I am also using Cloudflare. With Cloudflare your page load time will be upto 2x times faster.



CDN is a network of servers located in multiple places globally to save static contents of your website.


One thing you may also guess, using a CDN network also increase the capacity of taking more traffic and it decrease your bandwidth usage and thus it save your money. So using CDN will give you surely great advantages.

Now go ahead and get a CDN for your WordPress blog to speed up your WP blog and make it even more faster than your hosting server’s capacity.


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