How I am making money by developing WordPress plugins?

making money by developing WordPress plugins

If you are a WordPress user then you will definitely know about those plugins developed for WordPress. You also know that the official WordPress plugins repository site contains thousands of free WordPress plugins.

With plugins, we can extend the functionality and add new features of a self-hosted WordPress site. There are lots of WordPress plugin developers around the world who develop plugins. Lots of them are making money by selling their WordPress plugins.

Well, I would like to let you know that, I am also a WordPress plugin developer. You can see all of my free plugins available on WordPress plugins repository. My plugins also available out of the repository.


From the title of this article, you have already understood that here I will tell you how I make money from my plugins. So I will not waste any more time. let’s begin…


How I am making money by developing WordPress plugins?

You may wonder how I make money from my free WordPress plugins available on the WordPress plugin repository.

Well, if you install and activate most of my plugins, then you will find there are some plugin options or features that are disabled only available on the premium version of the plugin. The pro version plugins are available on CodeCanyon or on my own website.

Also, there are some other premium plugins available which have no free version. Most of my premium plugins available on the CodeSpeedy premium products directory. Very few of my plugins are available on CodeCanyon.

On CodeCanyon, it is easy to sell my plugins as they are already established in the plugin market. I don’t have to give time to market my plugins on CodeCanyon.

But on my own website, it was not an easy task to sell my plugins. I had to give a lot of effort and time. Even still now, I have to give time on my plugin selling website to sell my plugins. I have to do the market, attract traffic.

Also, I had to do lots of work on my site to configure SEO. Still now, in the time of publishing a plugin on my site, I have to write everything related to the plugin and the article need to be SEO friendly. But in case of selling my plugins on CodeCanyon, I never had to worry about SEO as CodeCanyon is already an established marketplace.

After I complete and lunch the plugin on my site, I have to write a blog on this blog on that plugin to promote it which takes some of my time.


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My history of entering the WordPress plugin selling business

I can remember my first plugin was sold on Gumroad. Gumroad is a great online platform where anyone can sell digital downloadable files either it is a picture, video, zip file, eBook or any other digital files.

My first plugin was an extension for WooCommerce. The plugin was able to send SMS from WooCommerce using MSG91 SMS API. Also, the MSG91 team helped me to promote my plugin on their website.

After that, I found that the MSG91 API was most popular in India. So I start selling also from Instamojo, an Indian payment gateway, and payment transferring platform. But, soon I found Instamojo is something like a scam and I stop selling my plugin from Instamojo.

After that, I developed some more WordPress plugins and start selling on CodeCanyon. But soon I found that a huge amount was deducted by Envato. So I decided to start selling my plugin on our own website.

After a few months, I registered a company with my brother and start selling my plugins on CodeSpeedy. We started CodeSpeedy as a programming blog in the year 2016. In the year, 2019, we started our company and start selling our plugins on CodeSpeedy.

It was against the Envato terms and condition for an exclusive Envato seller to sell a product outside of Envato if I sell it already on Envato. So I removed some products and start selling on CodeSpeedy. But I didn’t remove all of my plugins from Envato as I decided to keep some backlinks to my site.

Now I sell all of my plugins on my own website which is currently the official website of the registered company started by me and my brother. All the new plugins I publish on our own website instead of selling it on CodeCanyon or any other third parties websites.

We had to work for more than two years to start getting organic traffic and prepare to sell our plugins and other products to our website. At the time of writing this post, we can see users often buy plugins from our own websites. We gradually started to make good money and hoping to earn more.


How I sell my plugins on my own website?

Our website was started as a programming blog by me and my brother. After more than two hours, we can see notable traffic and we decided to sell our plugin on our own website.

Our website is running on WordPress. We install the Easy Digital Downloads plugin to sell my WordPress plugins. PayPal and Paytm are the two payment gateway that we use to sell our products online. Paytm is focused to accept payment from Indian users.


I hope you have understood how I am making money by developing WordPress plugins.

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