What Is Domain Authority And Why You Need To Improve It?

What Is Domain Authority

Many bloggers are not aware of domain authority. But it is significant in SEO. So in this post, I am going to explain about domain authority and the significance of domain authority in SEO. I am going to tell about domain authority in a way so that it will be really easy to understand for beginners.

So what is domain authority and why it should be improved for a website?

Domain authority is one of the most important factors which define how well a website will rank in search engines. This is a metric of websites developed by Moz SEO gurus for rating a website between the scale 1 to 100. 1 means the worst and 100 means the best domain authority. The search engine takes domain authority of a website in their ranking factor. For a blog site also the domain authority indicates how the blogging site can rank on search engines like Google.

Online Domain Authority checker by EyeSwift

Websites with higher domain authority mean the higher ranking of that site in search engines and there is always higher chance of web pages from that website or blog post from a blogging website to be more visible on the first page of search engines.

Domain authority is the measurement of “strength” of a website over time. Domain authority of a website depends on over 40 ranking signals such as the number of links pointing to the site and the number of linking root domains that means the number of other sites linking to your site.

The overall SEO of a website also an important factor of domain authority of that site. Domain age, domain registration info, user data signals, Internal link structure, days to go for the expiry of a domain name and there are lots of things are also the part of factors of domain authority.

Difference between domain authority and page authority:

In the case of Domain Authority, it measures the predictive ranking strength of entire domains or subdomains of websites. But in case of Page Authority, it measures the strength of individual page of a website. So the page authority is also a ranking system but it is on the individual page of a website instead of the entire domain.

How can you find the domain authority of a website?

There are few online domain authority checker or tools that you can use to check the domain authority of a website. We also have built our own tool where you can see the domain authority of your site or blog. Here is our online domain authority and page authority checker tool.

Online Domain Authority checker by EyeSwift

 Moz open site explorer is the official domain authority checker where you can check domain authority of your site or blog. It is better to check the domain authority of your site and your competitor to know what is the position of your site or blog in search engines.

Learn how to improve domain authority of your website

3 Major Reasons For Decreasing Domain Authority Of Your Site

So why you need to improve the domain authority of your website or blog?

I think you have already understood from the above content of this blog post that domain authority is very important to get more search traffic or you can say the Organic search traffic for a website or blogging site. Organic search traffic is always one of the most demanded types of traffic from a blog website and a better domain authority provide lots of traffic from organic search. A website with higher domain authority always get large amount of organic search traffic. So always try to increase the domain authority of your blog or website.

Domain authority with the value 100 is best for a website. But you don’t need to worry if the domain authority of your blog can not reach to 100 because only few websites like Google, Facebook etc has the domain authority value of 100.

Learn how to improve domain authority of your website

Remember that it easier to increase your website’s domain authority from 20 to 30 than grow from 70 to 80. For a blog website it is really great to have a domain authority of 50 or above. Having this value of domain authority can provide you a huge amount of traffic from search engines. So improving the domain authority for your website is obviously one of the most important task.

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  1. Yes, I totally agree with your opinion. Excellent points you have mentioned now I can know how I can increase my Blog’s DA. You are unquestionably right. Domain Authority is an overall website’s SEO score. Many webmaster SEO people do more wrong than good to their domain by spending for cheap links on Tumblr and other freelance sites.

    In short, CONTENT IS KING, and then I would like to add an extension to that; TRAFFIC means royalty for the king. Smart SEO people and developers create a new site, produced high quality of content and distribute it into social medias, and after one week, their content went viral really fast, their sites have ranked up to #1 Google for Long Tail Keyword. Moreover, I think that having high-quality backlinks is the most important factor that makes a great impact on DA. Of course, there are loads of other factors that affect SEO; however, HQ backlinks are absolutely essential for a good DA level.

    Anyways, thank you very much! I bookmarked this post to be very valuable!

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