Does Pop-Under Ads Affect SEO And Site Ranking?

There are a number of ways that can help your website or blog to make money. Monetizing a site with Pop-under advertising is now a popular way of making revenue from a site.With this process bloggers and site owners can make money easily from their websites or blogs. A website with busy traffic can make a good profit.

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With pop under ad networks, bloggers and site owners can make money easily from their websites or blogs. This process is adopted by lots of site owners as it is a simple and easy way of making the profit from websites. Today, many online advertising companies offer pop-under advertising network and somehow revenue generation from Pop-under advertising is more than text link ads, contextual ads. Publishers Review In 2017

But I have already found that lots of bloggers or website owners are asking if ppop-underads has any negative or bad effect on SEO or Google search rankings. I have found that it is really hard to get a reliable answer. So I have decided to discuss this topic now so that you and others can get the clear answer.

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Pop under ads is that kind of ads which open a new tab. You may found it on many websites whenever you click anywhere on a site, it opens a new tab containing another website or web page. Sometimes that kind of ads also opens in a new window also.

Does Pop under advertising hurt SEO and effect Google rankings?

Now here is the reality. Though that kind of advertising networks can give one a good revenue, from a readers perspective they are very annoying. Imaging another tab opens or opens a new window when you click a link on EyeSwift. It would be really so much annoying. Isn’t it?

Before I tell you about the Pop-under ads affects on SEO here is a video from Google webmaster team where one reader asked “What will be the effect of using Pop-under advertisements from the search engine ranking point of view”.

The question is answered by a  Google engineer  Matt Cutts and he clearly said from a search engine perspective Pop-under ads does not make any difference.

So, should you run Pop-under advertising on your site?

Though from the search engine’s side, there is no difference if you use pop under advertising on your site that doesn’t mean pop under advertising is good.

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I have just told you in above that these kind of ads are so annoying to readers. It can minimize your site traffic or also can reduce the engagement on your site. So personally I want to tell you not to use pop-under ads on your site. Sometimes visitors can leave you site after becoming annoying from that kind of ads.

If you are running Pop under ads than I would like to let you know it is better to stop using these types of ads and monetize your website or blog using banner ads, text link ads, contextual ads. You can also earn from affiliate networking. You can promote affiliate link of products that are related to the niche of your blog.

I hope you have understood what I have just said in this article.

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