How comments on your blog posts can improve SEO

Blog comments are important for many reasons. It let your readers interact with your blog post by posting comments. Also, comments on a blog make the relationship between the blog, readers, and bloggers. But these are not the only reasons for making comments on a blog so important.

Did you ever think about if blog comments affect on SEO of your blogging site or not? Well, if you never think about that then think again. Well, I am going to give you the answer in this post. I will tell you how blog comments impact on SEO of your blogging website.

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One of the most important reasons for using the blog commenting features is that it improves the SEO of your blog. If you get comments on several posts on your blog than the overall SEO of your site will improve.

So how can comments improve SEO of your blog?

I have already tell you that comments on your blog posts can improve the SEO of your blog. Now here I am going to tell you the reasons.

I have already tell you the importance of keywords on many of my blog posts. It also applies for the keywords of comment. Sometimes it can be found that for a particular comment of a blog post there is a huge increase in organic traffic from Google search. How did that happen? Well, this is because of the fact, the comment may contain some particular keywords for which the blog post performing better on search engines.

Another thing about comments on blog posts is that you should know is that the quality of comments is also important like blog posts. But it doesn’t mean that the comments should be long in length like a blog post. The comment should be perfect that is related to your blog post.

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So you have understood that Google and other search engines referred to user generated content as a valuable quality signal and comments also created by the readers. So the quality of comment contains valuable things will improve the SEO of your blog.

Should you approve all the comments received from readers?

I have already informed you in this post that comments with valuable contents always help to improve the SEO. So before you approve a comment from your readers you must check if it is valuable and enough in length. I suggest you read this post from my blog – Which comments should you not approve on your blog site?  After you read the post you will have a clear idea about which type of comment you should approve and which types of shouldn’t.

In many times I find comments, for example like this – “nice post”, “thank you” and so on. Obviously, there is no value of these types of comments and the quality of these types of comments is very low. So you never should approve these types of comments.

Sometimes you may find comments that are irrelevant to your post or that can be considered as spam comments. You should not approve these types of comments.

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Also, always be aware if all the links in your comment are with nofollow attribute. In default, links inside comment on your WordPress based blog will come with nofollow attribute.

Well, one thing is clear from the above content is that you should never enable automatically approve the comment instantly after a reader submits it. It should be awaiting approval. After you approve the comment only it should be visible. it is not good to make it visible before your approval, because it may contain the low or too short quality of the comment.

I hope you have understood how comments improve your blog SEO. You should realize the importance of comment for a blogging website after reading this post.

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