How much can you earn from as a publisher? is one of the popular ad networks for publishers or website owners. Whenever someone come to know about any of ad publishers network then a question come in mind. It is how much money can be earned from that ad network. Similarly, if you are very new to PopAds, then you also may think about the amount of money that you can earn from this ad network.

In this article, I am going to give you the idea about how much you can earn from PopAds publishers network.

Before start discussing the topic one thing, I want to inform you that here in this article I am going to refer impressions as the clicks. But it is not like clicking on AdSense and most of the other CPC ad network. In PopAds there is no ad space available on your site. Visitors need to click anywhere on your site and the ad will open in new window. The ad will be open even a visitor click on blank space or any link on your site.

This types of ads are called pop under ads. PopAds is one of the best pop under ad network for publishers.

So how much money you will earn from PopAds?

If you ask me how much you can earn using PopAds on your site then I will say it depend on some factors. The revenue from is depended on the visitor’s location, traffic amount on your site, site quality and niche and even day of the week and time of the day and on many other things.

Currently, PopAds has advertisers from more than 40 countries including North America, Western Europe, Australia, India and Southern Asia.

The earning from is effectively vary for country location. For example, CPM rate in the USA is more than India. That means you will earn more revenue for USA impressions than India.I have tested PopAds network for one of my blogs and I see that

I have tested PopAds network for one of my blogs. From my test, I have clearly found that I was able to earn more from some countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia and most of the European countries as the rate of PopAds for these countries is higher. But in the case of most of the Asian countries like India, Philippines PopAds rate is very low comparable to those European and North American countries.

So if most of the visitors to your site are coming from North American and European countries then obviously you will able to earn a lot from your site or blog. This happen because these countries have more buying capacity than most of the other countries.

Well, PopAds says that they never paid below $4 in average for websites running their ad and getting 1000 unique US visitors.

Now I am going to tell you what I have experienced with PopAds

For UK visitors the rate was about $2.5, For US it was about $1.5 and for Australia and most of the European countries, it was about $2. These all are measures for per thousands of impressions.

It was poor experienced for most of the Asian countries. The rate for India was about $0.6 for me, for the Philippines it was about $0.3. Well though Malaysia is an Asian country, but it was giving me higher revenue. I found the CPM rate was about $2. Well, I did not get so much visitors from this country so you may find a difference in your rate from my rate.

Well, if you are getting a huge amount of traffic from those countries which have a higher rate per thousands of impressions then obviously is a good source of earning for you. You can earn lots from your site or blog.

And as you will get impressions when visitors click anywhere on your site, so the revenue will highly depend on the quality of your site. If you have a download website or a blog site where visitors often need to click then you will get more impressions for low traffic and you can earn more.

For example, I tested PopAds ad network on one of my blog that is programming and coding related. In a programming blog, visitors often need to click first to copy code. So I got a higher amount of information and thus it helps me to earn more for few amount of traffic.

If your blog is not of that quality to get clicks then you will earn less amount of money from PopAds ad network platform as you will get fewer impressions for a higher amount of traffic.

Well, if you want a short answer from me for how much you can earn by monetizing your site from PopAds publisher network then I will say, depending upon both visitors location, site quality, niche and many other factors your site or blog can earn anywhere between and around $0.6 to $5 per thousands of ad impressions.

PopAds is really a great pop-under ad network where publishers can earn a good amount of money if the site getting sufficient traffic. It is a good alternative to Google Adsense. For example, if you are getting 5000 impressions per day then I can guess that you will able to make $10 to $ 20 in each day.

I hope you have an idea now about how much you can earn from PopAds ad network for publishers.

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  1. Sulhazan says:

    My blog received more than 500 page views but reported 5 in popads, why is it so

  2. Nurul Barkah says:

    i will try popads, i think its amazing ad network

  3. says:

    Can we use popads while using AdSense?

  4. says:

    once i have choosen popads, and after sometime i want go with adsense. is it possible ?

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