Earn Free Commission In Every Mobile and DTH Recharge In India

There are some websites online services available in India like paytm, FreeCharge and MobiKwik where you can recharge your mobile number and DTH as well as electrical bill payment. But these online recharge services will not let you earn commission in each recharge that you will make from their websites. They keep the commission as their profit. They are running a business and they have to make profit.

What would happen if you could recharge online and can keep the commission in each sell in your pocket? You could recharge your friend’s mobile numbers and you will be able to earn money by this task.

Yes, you can do that. In this article I am going to introduce you with an online recharge service provider where you will able to earn commission every time you recharge a mobile number and recharge DTH. Even you can earn commission also by paying electrical bills.

  • Start your own mobile recharge website like paytm, freecharge

Earn commission in every recharge free of cost on Jolo

Jolo is an API provider for recharge mobile, DTH and for electrical bill payment online. But you can use Jolo without API. So you don’t need to pay for buying Jolo API. So there are no investment required for using the free commission plan.

But to recharge on Jolo you need to add minimum funds of 1000 INR which will be used to recharge mobile number, DTH, and to pay bill for data card, electric, flight and in each recharge you will earn commission. This commission is completely yours, so you can keep it as your profit.

So what are you think? Is it not a good opportunity to earn extra income from online? All of these are completely free of cost. There are also some great premium options available on Jolo. But in this article I would like to discuss only about free plan.

You will be able to recharge more than 80 operators only from one place which is called “Jolo”. Their are different commission rates for different mobile operators when you will recharge a mobile number from Jolo.

For example commission rate of Aircel using Jolo free plan is 3.5% and in case of Airtel this is 1.8%.

Just like that there are different commission rates for DTH operators, electrical bill payments, flight ticket booking etc. You will able to know each and every commission rates on Jolo from this official Jolo page.

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