Why Configuring SEO Properly Is So Important For Your Blog?

When I started my first blog, I had no knowledge in SEO. Even I had know idea what SEO do actually. It was the time about 5 years ago (in 2012) from now when I started my first blog on a shared hosting platform of Bigrock hosting provider by installing WordPress. But as I had no proper knowledge in SEO so it took me towards failure soon. I had to stop my blog as I was not getting enough traffic and after one year I again started a blog. But that time also I had not enough knowledge. So again I failed in blogging.

After that in 2015 I started my blog EyeSwift which is going well. I read about SEO, collect knowledge and continue writing on my blog. I am now sharing those knowledge that I collect in these few years. At first time my blog was not going well, but day by day I learned more about SEO and get some tips from several other blogs like ShoutMeLoud. Gradually I start to get organic search traffic from Google.

From my real life experience I have learned the importance of SEO for a blog site. I have learned from my failure and now running this blog.

Now in this article I am going to tell you why SEO is so important for a blogging site and why you should configure SEO on your blog properly.

So why is it important to configure SEO on your blog?

The main purpose of configuring SEO is to getting traffic from search engines and that’s why it is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Without proper SEO you will never can never success in blogging.

Proper SEO on your blog will help you to get organic search traffic from Google, Bing, YaHoo and most of the other popular search engines. Search engines carefully check the code that is related to SEO. Your blog contain various code inside <head> tag like meta description, title tag, link canonicalization tag and many more. Search engines read these carefully.

Properly configured SEO always helps search engines to easily understand content on your blog. Below i have give a list of important SEO part and it’s importance on a site:

Title Tag

The title tag always have to be inside <head> tag. Search engines check if the search terms match with this title and also search engines show the titles in the search results first and attract visitors attention. So it is so important to write the title of a web page in a proper length and should be about what is that page saying. The proper length should not exceed 75 characters and also it should not be too short.

Meta description

Meta description is a summary that should be in every blog pages and post pages. The length of meta description tag should be more than 100 characters and should not exceed 155 characters for better SEO.

URL canonicalization to prevent duplicate content

Canonicalize URL will help your blog post from duplicate content. If your content available on other URL than URL canonicalization will fix this problem. Search engine take it as duplicate content and thus your site ranking on search engines will decrease.

Image SEO to get traffic from Google image search

Properly configured images for SEO will help you to get visitors on your site from Google image search results. Image “alt” tag should contain with a name which is related to the article. Also image “title” tag has a little value on SEO. Read this article to know more about Image SEO – Image SEO – Get More Search Traffic To Your WordPress Blog, it tells you how to configure images of your blog to get more search traffic.

SEO friendly URL to get some extra search traffic

SEO friendly URL will help your blog to increase the chances of getting some extra search traffic. I am not going to say about it as I have already discuss in details about SEO friendly URL on this article – SEO Friendly URL – Right Permalink Structure For WordPress.

And there are lots of more SEO part available.

End the end I want to say that without SEO there are no meaning of blogging if you want to make revenue from your blog. because without properly configured SEO you will not get search traffic which is most important for any blog site. And another important thing you should always remember, not after starting writing blog, configure SEO before you write your first article on your blog.

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