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Notice: It looks like Instamojo is a scam now. They disabled my account and I lost my money. Even lots of other peoples also lost their money on Instamojo. Below are some of the source where we can find lots of peoples cheated by Instamojo:


If you are an owner of a website where you are selling products or services or if you have a blog site and you want to sell direct ad then you need a payment gateway to collect the payment.

There are lots of online payment gateways available for accepting payment on websites or blogs. PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net are some popular payment gateways that are using hugely in lots of countries worldwide.

But Indian website or blog owners face a problem with these payment gateways if the major amount of traffic are coming from India. Most of the buyers do not have a credit card in India. They generally use debit cards, ATM card or they pay online through net banking. But the international payment gateways like PayPal does not accept it.

I know that many website owners and blog owners are in need of finding a way to get paid through Indian debit and ATM cards and also through net banking. So now I am going to introduce you to an Indian payment gateway that accepts Indian debit or ATM cards as well as net banking payments.

Instamojo – an Indian online payment gateway for websites

Instamojo is an online Indian payment gateway that can be used by Indian bloggers and website owners to collect payment online. Instamojo is based in the city Bangalore. This payment gateway supports Indian debit or ATM card payments as well as payment using net banking. It is really a great help for an Indian website or online business owner as very few peoples in India holds a credit card. Even a student also have ATM or debit card in India these days.

Here are some features of Instamojo:

No technical skill required:

There are no need to learn coding and plugins available for major eCommerce apps which make Instamojo so easy to use. Instamojo works with or without having a website. So it is not necessary to have a website.

Provide Bank-level Security:

Security for an online payment gateway is one of the most important requirement. The 128-bit SSL encryption made Instamojo completely secured. Payments on Instamojo processed on PCI-DSS compliant servers.

Instant Setup:

You don’t need to provide any physical documents. You will able to collect your first payment from Instamojo just in 3 minutes. So starting Instamojo is a hassle free and easy.

Accept Indian ATM, Debit cards, and net banking payments:

Most of the buyers from India use Indian ATM and debit cards and also many of Indian them use net banking to pay online. The number of credit card holders is very few in India. So it is a great help for websites, blog or online business which are based in India and the majority of peoples come to the website or blog are from India.

Email & SMS payments:

You can request payment instantly via Email & SMS easily using Instamojo. Clients can pay using credit/debit/ATM cards or net banking.

Payments via @username:

You don’t need to send your bank details if you are using Instamojo. You just need to send the Instamojo username and you will get paid instantly.

Payment on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and more:

You will able to Collect payments on WhatsApp, Instagram, FB and more. All you need to do is just share your Instamojo payment link on any social media.

Get Simple API From Instamojo:

Simple API from Instamojo help you to Accept & manage online payments across mobile & web with unified APIs. And also there are plugins available for major eCommerce app. I have already tested Instamojo plugin for WooCommerce – WooCommerce Instamojo.

Sell with Instamojo online store:

Instamojo online store will help you in selling your products or services easily.

And lots of more features you can see after you start using Instamojo. I always recommend you to use it for your website or blog if the majority of traffic coming from India. It is easy, secure and hassles free payment gateway.

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