eCommerce website design and development cost in India

In these days eCommerce is so popular and going to be more and more popular in the future. Not only just Amazon, Alibaba or Flipkart but also we can find thousands of eCommerce platform selling products online.

Maybe you also want to start an eCommerce platform. Even though a person is selling product through offline or just from his local store, it is always a good idea to start an eCommerce platform for that store to sell products also by starting an eCommerce platform.


Hire us to develop your eCommerce store just for Rs 9000/-

In India, it is now no more a new thing to buy products online. Peoples of India already has introduced to the eCommerce platforms several years ago.

You may also think to start your own eCommerce platform and start selling your products online.

One of the most confusing things is the design and development cost of the eCommerce website. So if you are also thinking about the eCommerce website design and development cost in India then this article may help you.

If you want to start your eCommerce business or want to take your existing business to online also and want to know if it is within your budget, then this post is going to be helpful to you.


Hire us to develop your eCommerce store just for Rs 9000/-


What is the cost of eCommerce website development in India?

It is not easy to tell you about the cost to build an eCommerce website in short. It depends on various factors.

Some of the important factors that decide the price for eCommerce development are web development company reputation, company office location, the technology used for eCommerce development and so on.

Though it is not easy to give an exact budget for eCommerce website design and develop, still I will give an estimated range.

There is a huge price range available for eCommerce development. It can be as low as Rs 10,000 and can be even as high as Rs 10 lakhs. It highly varies depending upon the factors.

If you want to start an eCommerce website which will contain the basic eCommerce features and functionality then you have to pay between Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000. I know, the range is wide. But it widely depends. If you choose a company who has a great reputation and is popular in a mega city then it will be higher than Rs 20,000. But if the company is located in a city which is a low-cost area, a small company then it may take you Rs 10,000 to Rs. 12000.

An eCommerce site having some complicated features can cost more than 1 lakh.

Also, it depends on the technology used by the company. For example, there are lots of free open source eCommerce application are available like Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop etc. Many companies use these to develop eCommerce. With this open source application many companies developing eCommerce by taking a cost between Rs 10000 to Rs 20000.

A lot of individual freelancers are also developing eCommerce sites using one of the open source application and taking the cost that is between Rs 10000/- to Rs 15000/-.

The programming language used to develop the eCommerce is also a part of the technology. The cost of eCommerce design and development also depends on the programming language used. PHP is the cheapest programming language for eCommerce development. If you want to develop your eCommerce website using Python, Ruby language, then it will be more times higher in price than PHP.

If we find an eCommerce website cost Rs 35000/- using PHP, then we can see the same site will be developed for Rs 3 lakh using Python or Ruby.

Now I am going to talk about how the cost varies depending on the location. For example, the eCommerce design cost in Bangalore is higher than Kolkata. In Kolkata, web development cost is very low.

So, it is very clear that the price for an eCommerce development is in a wide range. There are lots of other things like using artificial intelligence or deep learning on the eCommerce platform which can increase the price of the eCommerce platform so high. But if you want to start your eCommerce within a limited budget, then contact us, we also develop an eCommerce platform for our clients.


How much we cost for eCommerce development?

Our team also develop eCommerce website at a cheap price. You can order us from any part of the world. We can develop your eCommerce store just for Rs. 9000. Within this price, you will get all the basic features of an eCommerce store. We will use an open source application to develop your eCommerce store. You can contact us now to discuss it.

If you need to accept online payment on your eCommerce website, need cash on the delivery system then we will also do it just within the same price we have mentioned.

Would you like to see a demo before order us? You can contact us and request a demo before you order our team to develop your eCommerce site.

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