My Earnings Report From Blog Using Valueimpression

Valueimpression Earnings

Valueimpression is one of the great advertising technology for publishers with a minimum of 100000 monthly page views. So if you have more than 100000 page views each month, then you can contact the Valueimpression team.

Well, I was using AdSense for almost one year on my programming blog CodeSpeedy. I was not aware of the fact that there is something others than AdSense also exist. But suddenly I found a tutorial website showing Ads on their website and there is an icon of Valueimpression. I just search for it and then think to give it a try.

Well, it becomes only a few months that I am using Valueimpression to monetize my blog. Now I am going to share my earning report from my blog with the Valueimpression network. So stay here and continue reading to see how much money do I earn from Valueimpression…

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Valueimpression income report for my programming blog

Well, Valueimpression needs some time to analyze and then optimize the earning. So it takes about 15 to 30 days to increase the revenue.

After I decided to give a try for Valueimpression for my programming blog known as CodeSpeedy, I removed all of the AdSense ads and replace it with Valueimpression technology. At that time, I was getting around 3000 to 3500 page views each day.

On the very first day, my earning from Valueimpression was $7.97. This is a slight increase in revenue than my one day of AdSense income. But wait for a minute. I have just told you that Valueimpression needs some days to optimize and increase revenue.

  • If you are getting more than 10000 visits per month, you can use Ezoic that pay several times more than AdSense

So, I saw my earnings were increasing day by day and I was completely surprised after I see my earning cross $30 in a day and once I found in some days my earning was even crossing $40. It was huge for me. In some of the days, I was earning around 4 to 6 times more than AdSense.

Earnings for the first month of using Valueimpression

Well, in the month of October 2019 the daily income never reached $30. This is because, in that month, I just placed Valueimpression ads newly and almost the whole month was taken to optimize and increase the revenue.

The total earnings in the first month of using Valueimpression were $452.89. But if I use AdSense for that month, then the chances are that I would able to make between $150 to $180. So it was almost 3 times more than AdSense income in October.

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$938.71 in November with 120000 pageviews

After Valueimpression completes the optimization process just spike to a new level. The average per day income in November was $30. Thus, at the end of this month, I earned $938.71.

Well, in November my total income was $452.89. But the income becomes double in the next month or in November. But the increase in the traffic was slight. So how was this possible?

Well, you may think it was strange. But wait a minute…

I just told above that Valueimpression takes some time to optimize and increase the revenue. So in October, the optimization process was not completed. But in November, Valueimpression optimizes it amazingly and thus my income was also doubled and reach $938 at the end of the month.

Well, I am quite sure, if I used AdSense in November, then my earning would never cross $300.

Well, in December it was the Christmas month. So both the blog traffic as well as the income decreases. The total money I earned in December from my blog was $780.01. This was too good for me compared with the month of the festival and the upcoming new year.


January 2020 Valueimpression earnings

Well, at the time of writing this article it is still running January month of the year 2020. But I can clearly see a decrease in my Valueimpression income due to the beginning of a new year effect. But still, my daily income is quiet Good than AdSense.

The earning was $642 in this month.

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All-time income with Valueimpression

Instead of saying about the earning of each month, see the image below where you can see my all-time income:

Valueimpression earnings


As you can see, the highest income came from Valueimpression was $1398 which was in the month of July. I will update it after I see the income of a few more months.

Well in August you can see the earning decreases to $967.12. This is because I changed the ad positions and remove an ad size and place another one which was different in size.

After making these changes it took some time again to optimize the earning. Every time I make some changes and work with the Valueimpression ad unit, the revenue decreases. But later, you can again see the increase in revenue.


So you can clearly see a huge increase in my blogging income after I start using Valueimpression.

Well, if you also want to use Valueimpression to monetize your blog, then, first of all, you need a minimum of 100000 page views per month. If you are not qualified for that amount of traffic, then wait until you reach that traffic.

I hope, you have got some idea and learn how good is Valueimpression for a blog website and how much I earn with this great ad manager.

45 responses to “My Earnings Report From Blog Using Valueimpression”

  1. Abu Hossam says:

    I also signed for valueimpression but concerned how profession thier website looks. They have around one page website, no detailed FAQ section or any help materials.
    However, reading your review making it helpful. The income reports are really great for you. How much traffic in percentage from USA for your website?
    Secondly, are you using floating ads (just like the tutorial site you mentioned ๐Ÿ˜‰ ??) TP, right?

    • Faruque Ahamed Mollick says:

      I also thought about their website. But I found websites with millions of traffic using Valueimpression. Also, about 20% of traffic is coming from USA to my website.

  2. Ravi Chandra Verma says:

    I have been Verified by VLI & its going around 15 days but fillrate is very low i am getting 20k impression per day from adsense but from VLI its nearly around 2k impression Only.

    • Faruque Ahamed Mollick says:

      Well, it needs some time for VLI to optimize the revenue. Wait for at least one month.

  3. Godwin Ozor says:

    I registered to Valueimpression ad network, they approved my website, but I didn’t find any option to place the ad code on my website.

  4. Vinit says:

    How many days does it take for website to get approved in valueimpression?

    • Faruque Ahamed Mollick says:

      It took only a few days to approved by Valueimpression. In my case, they approved us in just one day. But it may take a maximum of 3 days also I think.

  5. Akio says:

    Is ValueImpression still performing well for you? I am experiencing low fill rate and $0.15 CPM for banner ads.

    • Faruque Ahamed Mollick says:

      Well did you change the position of the Valueimpression ad tag? Sometimes changing positions too often may cause low CPM and fill rate. But I never see my CPM as low like this. My lowest CPM was 0.27

  6. Jiya Khan says:

    Your all time income image is not working,could u pls fix it. What is average cpm one can accept or you getting ?
    Plz also tell me did you use vid ads too? Ty so much

    • Saruque Ahamed Mollick says:

      We have fixed it, No we are not using video ads.

      • Jiya says:

        Ty for fixing it…nice earning there…is impression are actually pageviews ?…if yes, DONT u think cpm is less ?
        Sorry I am little new to all this …running a beauty blog with adsense, my adsense avg rpm is 0.60 and arnd 3000 daily u think I will make more with vp..thank u

        • Saruque Ahamed Mollick says:

          No, the impressions are not the pageviews. Impressions are the number of ads served on your website.
          It’s okay to be new in any field. I was also using AdSense a year ago. When I joined in VI for the first time, my organic traffic was 2500 per day and I was making around 750$ per month from VI. But in AdSense I was making 100$ per month at that moment. So it depends on many things like traffic locations, interests etc.

  7. isa says:

    Which ad type do you use more? Do you use an Instream video? How much are your daily hits?

    • Faruque Ahamed Mollick says:

      Thank you for asking. I am using display ads. Also, I am not using instream video. But Valueimpression shows a video ad on the bottom right sometimes. Well, if I wish, I can disable the video ad. I am getting 250k monthly pageviews. My monthly revenue is between $1000 to $1500.

      • Mo says:

        Hi, I am getting 1 m page views per month but my revenue form Adsense is about $1300 per month! can I use AdSense and valueimpression in the same time ?

  8. says:

    Valueimpression party sent a message to me. They offered my blog to become a publisher in Valueimpression.

    Blog in the Indonesian language because I am Indonesian. Most of my blog visitors come from Indonesia. They like my blog.

    It turns out that Valueimpressin legit $$$

    • Faruque Ahamed Mollick says:

      Yes, This is completely legit. They have many popular partners like AppNexus, Rubicon, Google Ad Manager and so on.

  9. says:

    Do you think … can I get Net0 for payment … ?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Faruque Ahamed Mollick says:

      It is not possible to say it now if you will qualify or not for Net 0. But after you use Valueimpression for long days and reach near $2000 per month, you can ask them for Net 0.

  10. Ilnur says:

    Hey Faruque,
    Thank you for the review. I also monetize my website with valueimpression ads both with Adsense. I have a small question about GDPR and other cookie issues. Could you please tell me which plugin or solution do you use on your website (as I see, your website is also on WordPress)? I have migrated from Joomla to WordPress and a week later I received a notice from Adsense that I have some cookie problems. And it still remains even after I installed a premium GDPR plugin. It feels like itโ€™s the thing that causes some lose in income from ads.
    Thank you

  11. Sergei says:

    Hi, and you can show your statistics with banners, I mean the one that opens with the icon. I want to compare it with my own, I can publish my own. Traffic is about 5,000 a day, and 20,000 ad impressions a day, I don’t know if that’s a lot or a little. Thanks.

  12. IT4real says:

    You said you earned 7+ dollars the first day?

    Well, I have been using them for 3-days now, and I have only earned 2 dollars per day. I left two adsense ads, and there are still performing 5X better than VI.

    This is giving me concern, since you earn $7 on the very first day, and I have not earned up to 7 after 3-days!

  13. hessam says:

    hi, thanks for your nice blog.
    i placed vi ads today on my website. it shows 18 cents for today until now.
    i have 35000 daily visitor from google search engine.

    what is the process on vi optimization? is there any thing to do now?

  14. SkyMedia says:

    Hi, i am using valueimpression for last 4-5 months .It Was working fine with fill rate between 85 โ€“ 90 % with 150k impression Daily but suddenly from last 3-4 days (25 November ) my fill rate has been decreased to 50-55 %.Has anybody experienced the same ? Or i am the only one having this problem.

  15. gamnima says:

    I found an abnormality of Valueimpression is that
    On the mobile page, the sticky ad unit top of screen,
    This unit cannot be closed or hidden.
    And the more peak is when you press to close or hide the ad,
    it doesn’t hide or close. But instead opens the landing page of that ad.

    Website used Valueimpression is now.
    (tips make com)
    And you can check what I came across.

  16. Marcel says:

    As of today, December 1st, 2020, I am no longer receiving ads for my 8 blogs and the payment from November is not in the table. Is value impression still serious? I hope it’s just a mistake.

  17. Mohammed Algahaffi says:

    How long should I wait for the scheduled payment 02/01/2021?

    I took over 3 months to reach 100 dollars. Last month I reached it.

    Please reply. Can the spam me?

  18. Shafay says:

    Hello, did you received payment from VI this month, my December payment from VI is still pending which was scheduled to be sent on 31 Jan. Just wondering if it is me or everyone else. Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Waqas Mushtaq says:

    I am Facing Code Problem
    Code not Completely Paste.
    How to Fix this Bro
    How to Properly Paste Code in WordPress Site

  20. iranloye Samuel says:

    Can you please give a description of how many VI ads you Setup on your website because i have over 1 million pageview on my website

  21. Raj says:

    Is the google adsense integrate with Valueimpression? both work together on one website?

  22. Rimon says:

    Hi, its really nice review. But I have one qsn. U said your monthly pageview 250k. That means 8.3k pageview per day. Right? In your earning screen shot report shows that your per day impressions are more than 100k. Can u explain me about 100k ads impressions per day?

  23. HR says:

    Good to read this review in so much detail. Can you please tell me how many ad tags had you implemented on your website and their positions and how many times tags are used? I am recently approved by the valueimpression. This will help me to optimize my website. What are your monthly visitors or pageviews for the website? Thanks

  24. Rejjak Hussain says:

    @Faruque Ahamed Mollick – My adsense income decreased due to lockdown and pageviews too decreased. Earlier my pageviews was close to 3 millions but now I hardly make one million pageviews.
    So, after going through your website, I have signed up for valueimpression. Tell me are you still with valueimpression? If yes, then is your income same as usual (as you have shown in screenshot) or decreased. Please let me know. I really want to hear from you.

  25. Rani says:

    Thanks for your review. By the way, how to put VI anchor ads?

  26. Anand says:

    they are not approving site and also not replying on mail

  27. Jon says:


    I have signed up with ValueImpressions and started using their code for a few days now. I’m still earning lower than my Adsense.

    Do you think it’s okay to use ValueImpressions and Adsense on the same blog? Because I’m doing it right now.

    Do you suggest using ValueImpressions ONLY and see the earning potential?

  28. Moses says:

    Hello Mollick, we have a website which garners over 120,000 page views monthly. We applied for Valueimpression and it more than 2 months now, we have not been approved. We sent them emails but they havenโ€™t replied us.

    What should we do now in order to be approved. Please send us the answer [email protected] . Thank you!

  29. Nykol says:

    Valueimpression are yet to respond to my request Since I signed up for their programme for weeks. I’m also finding it hard to get their ads.txt and add to my root. Please how do do it? Or is it after I get approved, I can add add.txt to my site?

  30. Chibuzor Okechukwu says:

    Valueimpressions shows automatic video on my website’s header and at the bottom of my page, how can I disable it?

  31. Xolani says:

    I placed the ad codes of Valueimpression for more than three days now, but no impressions, revenue, Active View, CTR are recorded.

  32. Raihan says:

    I added codes, ads everything but it’s been more than 5 hours my impression is 0. Does it take time?

  33. Samir Khanal says:

    Mine too why is impression from value impression only 20-30 when my site gets 20k pageviews and adsense ads have more than 40k impressions. Also when will bottom right videos ads and bottom sticky ads start appearing. Does it take time? I have been using it since 4 days only.

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