How much traffic do I need to earn $1000 per month

The question “How much traffic do you need to earn a thousand dollars per month?” has been asked widely all over the internet. The question is quite interesting for me and the reason is:

  • The person who is asking the question, also knows that there is no exact answer to that.
  • The revenue of your blog depends on a lot of factors. Some of the major factors are the niche of your blog, traffic locations.

Important update: (3rd sep, 2023)

The article that you are reading was posted in 2020 (Oct), but now it’s 2023 and a lot of things changed.

Around a year ago I was getting decent traffic you can read my earning from here: Publift review, earning report and traffic requirements

Another ad network that I prefer is The MoneyTizer. You can check: The Moneytizer Review with Earning Report

But due to the Google previous core update, we lost almost 50% of our traffic and we are struggling to recover that. After that I have created several blogs… I will update those in EyeSwift

How much traffic do you need in your blog to earn $1000 per month

Well, I can’t answer about your blog. But here I can tell you my story. In this article, I am going to reveal how much amount I earn from how much traffic along with the traffic locations and the number of ads I am showing on my blog. I will also let you know the niche of my blog. (Don’t be confused. People often consider this blogging site as my source of income, but this is not like that. This website is only for sharing my experiences with you guys so that you can learn to grow faster)

First of all, I will show you my earnings report along with the traffic amount. Then we will start calculating the traffic amounts for different niche websites.

There can be multiple sources of income from a blogging website but here I am considering only advertising.

The below screenshot is of my earning reports from the past few months from my blogging website “codespeedy”. You can search for it on Google.

How much traffic do I need to get 1000$ per month from blog

The earnings you are seeing now in the image are from an ad network.

As new bloggers use AdSense. I don’t use AdSense. To learn more in-depth about what I am using check it out My Earnings Report From Blog Using Valueimpression

This is nothing but a simple ad network. They provide us ad code like AdSense and we put those on our website.

Now getting to the point. You can see I am earning around $1000 monthly from my blog only with advertisements.

So how much traffic I am getting right now?

Well, I will love to show you rather than saying it out.

analytics traffic report

The above is the screenshot of my Google analytics traffic screenshot report.

If you want to know how much organic traffic I am having then here it is:

google analytics traffic of 1 month

The niche of my website:

The niche of my blog is computer programming tutorials.

The traffic amount: As you can see I am having 170k organic traffic per month. You can say around 5.5k organic traffic per day.

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How many ads I am showing on each page of my blog

Well, I am using 3 ad units for now. Two ad units in the sidebar and one in-article ad.

I can change the number of Ads in the future.

Traffic locations of my blog:

Major traffic I am getting from India and US. See the below screenshot.

Traffic locations


For that particular blog website, I am making $1000 per month from 170k organic traffic per month.


But the reality is you can earn the same amount from less traffic or you might need more traffic. It completely depends upon your traffic quality. High-quality traffic will let you earn more.

If you are curious to know why I don’t use AdSense you can check this: My current sources of earnings from blogging

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