Where to find sponsorship for your food blog to make money?

Blogging is one of the best ways as a source of income. At least this is applicable to me. I made blogging as my full-time earning source as well as for many others.

Along with ad networks and affiliate programs, bloggers can make money from sponsored posts too. Even some bloggers making more than they earn from the ad network just using sponsored posts.

But in the case of the food blog, I still haven’t found anyone making more money than ad networks like Mediavine or AdThrive.

But does this means you should don’t try to find any sponsored post for your food blog?

Absolutely not I think. After all, who doesn’t want an extra source of income from their blog?

Well, I didn’t mean it. You can off course make money from sponsorship.

A sponsored post refers to the content that you publish for brands or for any type of business on behalf of promoting their stuff to your audience and you get paid for it.

Well, this blog is focusing on food bloggers. Today I am not talking about making money using ad networks or affiliates. In this article, I am going to let you know how you can get sponsorship for your food blog and make a good amount of money.

So if you are running a food blog, then this post is going to show you a direction where you can generate revenue.

So get ready, because there are lots to tell you in this food blogging related article.

But before I get into the topic, I want to let you know, the more traffic a blog get will able to earn more. There is no difference in the case of a food blog.

That means, to make a good amount of traffic you need at least desirable traffic in your blog. Now let’s see how to get sponsored post for your food blog to make extra income:

Join blogging networks

Joining blogging networks is one of the easiest ways to find and get sponsorship and sponsored articles for your food blog. I have just look around and found some amazing blogging networks that are the best fit for a food blog.

The major advantage I can see here in a blog network is that here you can find brands and accept their sponsorship with minimum effort from one central location.

The network takes a percentage from your revenue you make from sponsorship in exchange for providing their service. Even it will able to decide how much it will charge for the sponsored post.

But nothing to worry about this few. It is not so huge amount. Also, in exchange you make revenue.

Some of the best network for a food blog are:


Join paid guest posting networks

You can join a paid guest posting network like Adsy or Magenet to get sponsored posts easily. These are the marketplace for sponsored posts where buyers and publishers meet, buyers search for websites or blogs to publish their sponsored articles or content to promote their products or services.

In return for placing sponsored content, you will get paid. These types of networks can increase your website revenue to the next level.


Pitch the idea to the company or brand

Another way to get a sponsored post is to directly pitch your idea to the company and try to approach it. You can make a list of companies or brands with their contact details and save it in an excel file.

As here I am talking about food blogging, so a food blogger should contact the brands that make products or ingredients used for cooking or for making food. You can ask them politely and offer sponsored posts.

Remember the thing that if your blog is new and not getting much traffic, you can not claim much. But if you are getting a good amount of traffic and your blog is well established, then you will deserve a higher amount of money for sponsorship.

Personally, I don’t like to publish sponsored posts on my blog until it reaches a desirable amount of traffic. I also recommend you not to contact brands for sponsorship until you start getting good traffic. After you see traffic coming, you can then contact brands and companies and offer sponsorship.


In the end, I want to let you know that you must have to maintain the reputation of your blog. So publish sponsored posts carefully. Also, publish the sponsored posts before the deadline you gave to the brands to maintain your trust and reputation to those brands also.

Remember, blogging is a long-term income source. So do whatever, but wisely…

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