How to Make Money from A Blog With Limited Traffic?

Traffic for a blog website is so important. If you want to make the profit from your blogging site, then without traffic you can’t.

To make money from a blog site you need to have a minimum amount of traffic. But this doesn’t always mean that a blog with a higher amount of traffic will make a higher amount of money. I agree with that, to start making money from a blog your blog need to get at least a desirable amount of traffic. So in this blog post, limited traffic will refer to a considerable amount of traffic.

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I am now going to tell you how to make money from a blog if it is getting a limited amount of traffic.

Why are some blogs making more money with few amount of traffic?

Now you may think how is that possible? Well, it is obviously possible and I am going to tell you the reason.

There are lots of things related to blogging which decide the amount of revenue earned by the blog for a certain amount of traffic. Blogging niche is one of the most important reasons which decide how much the blog can earn a certain amount of traffic.

Make money from a blog with limited amount of traffic

It is a known fact to many bloggers that a blog with higher traffic than another blog always earn more revenue. But I want to tell you that it is not always true. If you see in reality, then you will find that there are blogs exist which getting very few traffic, but making more money than some blogs which are getting a higher amount of traffic.

Here are some ideas to earn money with limited blog traffic:

Choosing the perfect blog niche:

Blogging niche is one of the most important factors that decide the revenue earned from a blog. Suppose, you have a blog related to news type article and another blog which contains technology review type articles. Now, which blog will earn more if they have same traffic?

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Now let’s discuss first on how you can earn money from the news article type blog. There is the only main way of earning from this type of blog is to monetize your blog with some ad networks like AdSense, InfoLinks etc. Though you can use an affiliate network on your news blog, but it will not much effective.

But, in the case of a technology product review, you can add an affiliate link in each technology review post for that product. You will able to earn a lot of money and the amount of revenue will be higher than the new article type blogging site because your technology product reviews blog will get the right and targeted audience.

So if the traffic amount of your technology product reviews blog is even less than the news type blog, you will able to earn more than the news blog.

Similarly hosting and WordPress plugin reviews, PHP script, software reviews type blog earn a higher amount of money. These are some of the great and high paying blog niches.

Use affiliate links wisely:

Affiliate earning is one of the most popular ways of earning money from a blog. Using it wisely will give you more chance of affiliate sale. Adding the perfect affiliate links in blog posts instead of placing affiliate links unnecessarily will help you to make more revenue.

So how to use affiliate links on your blog?

Here I am going to tell you:

If you want to place an affiliate link on one of your blog posts then place the affiliate product or service link that is perfectly matches and related to the post. Also, keep all of your affiliate links related to your blog niche. Most of the visitors come from organic search are interested in your blog niche or post. For this reason, the chances of affiliate sale will be higher.

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Response to your audience by reaching to the personal level

There is an advantage of a small blog with a limited amount of traffic. You can keep your eye on each message and email you got from your readers. You will able to reply to them. this is not possible for a blog with a large amount of traffic.

A blog with large traffic get lots of emails, messages, and comment. For a blogger alone, it is not possible to reply each of them. But, as an owner of a small blog, you can reach to them personally and can get their trust. This will indirectly help you to make more revenue as more trust your site get, the more money you can make from your blog.


Use Ezoic or Monumetric ad networks

Ezoic and Monumetric are two ad networks that pay several times more than AdSense. Even they can pay more than 5 times more than AdSense.

The best thing about these ad networks is that they accept a blog for only 10k monthly visits which is a considerably low amount of traffic for a blog. That means it is very easy for a blog to get approved by them and start making money.

But if your blog doesn’t have minimum of 10k traffic, then you can wait and work to maximize your traffic.


I hope, you have got some idea on how to earn money from your blog site if it is not getting a huge amount of traffic. If you know about some other idea then you can share it with me. I always like to listen from you.

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