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Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for earning from your blogging site. You always need to go with this program that are relevant to your blog niche. Here in this post I am going to explain about the affiliate network or program for a travel blog website where you will get paid from affiliate every time a customer book hotel or book a flight tickets with your referral link.

Some of the great travel blog affiliate network

Here are the some of the great travel blog affiliate program that I have listed below for your travel related blogging website:

Travelpayouts affiliate program

Travelpayouts is an affiliate program which is linked or partner with some reputed travel and hotel booking partners. You can find a lots of tools which you can add on your site or blog from Travelpayouts like search form, best deals, text links and more. With a number of tools your blog may also look like a fool featured travel booking website and it will give a nice user experience because the user will get the form to fill up an put the data for booking just from your website. It is really so interesting and great feature. Isn’t it? What you think. Well you will get up to 70% commission in each booking through your site which is really high comparable to most of the other travel affiliate programs.

Booking.com travel blog affiliate network

Booking.com is a popular provider in travel industry and they also provide the affiliate program. Anyone having a website or blog can apply for this referrer and earn program. This travel booking affiliate network also provide various tools like search box, deep linking, and banner integration options. Minimum payout of this network is €100 through PayPal.

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

Peoples use TripAdvisor for booking, check reviews and for recommendations. There affiliate program will give you an opportunity to earn from your travel blogging site. If you have a blog contains with travel related articles then this affiliate system is perfect for you. Getting on their program is valuable as you can source content from their website and you can link your blog readers back to the original content through your tracking link that provided by TripAdvisor affiliate network. You will earn up to 50% commission from their affiliate network or program.

Agoda Affiliate Network

Agoda affiliate network is open to join for everyone who have a website or blog. But it will works better and I suggest you to use their affiliate network only if you have a travel blogging site. Approval process for this travel blogging affiliate program done manually and it takes 24 to 72 hours to approve your referral account on their network. They use hotel power ads to increase your earning by 3 times which is a great feature that can increase your revenue. The commission you will get is up to 60% which is better comparable to many of the program. Minimum payout from Agoda affiliate network is $200. Agoda pay you through direct bank transfer.


ShareASale is a affiliate marketplace almost for all types of blog niche and you can choose some great booking affiliate like Qatar Airways, Agoda, The Lalit Hotels, Riu Hotels, etc in one place. You can find the top performing affiliate programs in every niche. Payment made via direct bank transfer.

Skyscanner Affiliate Program

Many peoples check flights from Skyscanner and they provide an affiliate system. You can use their widget on your travel related blogging website where you think more users take an action. They supports flight bookings, hotel bookings, and rental cars.

These are some of the great affiliate program that can be used for your travel blog website. Is there any other affiliate network that you can think for a blogging site that contains travel related blog posts? You can let me know if you have already used any other program for your blog.

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