How To Promote A Blog Post After Publishing It?


After publishing a new post many bloggers think how to promote the post so that it drive traffic for the blog site. Well, all the bloggers know how important is traffic for a blog site. And it is also important to get traffic for your new blog post. Here in this post I am going to explain the different ways of promoting a new blog post after publishing it. All these steps I am going to discuss is simple and easy to follow.

Steps to promote your blog post

Here are some steps or process that you can do topromote your blog post after you publish it.

Share on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

The first thing come in most of the bloggers mind after publishing a new post is to share it on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Sharing on social media is always good for getting traffic on your blog site. The more likes and followers you have with more engagement, you will get more traffic for your new blog post.

Enable push notifications

Push notifications system is really a great and effective way to get traffic on your new blog post. You will also get targeted and regular traffic on your site if you use push notifications service on your website.

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Make Your WP Blog Push Notifications Ready For Desktop And Mobile

Desktop And Mobile Push Notifications On My WordPress Blog That I Use

Push notifications also guarantee that whenever the browser open the link of new post will be shown if the browser has allowed notification.

Share on relevant Google plus communities

It is an effective way to share your new blog post on Google plus communities that is relevant to your blog post or the niche of your blog.

Send email to email subscriber

Send about your new blog post to the email that are subscribe on for your blog site through the newsletter sign up form.

Share on StumbleUpon

You can share your new blog post on StumbleUpon. StumbleUpon is a platform where people share interesting web pages and blog posts. You can take the help of StumbleUpon to promote your new blog post.

If you have any other idea to promote a new blog post then you can write about it on the comment box below.

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