Travelpayouts – Affiliate Program For Travel Blog Websites

Travelpayouts affiliate program

In this post I am going to explain about an great affiliate program for travel blog site. If your blogging website is about travel, means your blog niche is travel related then you can use this nice affiliate program to earn from your blog. This is proven fact that a blog will earn the most if the affiliate products and service are related to the blog niche or topics. So on a travel blog site the targeted audience are interested on travel and it is a great chance to make money from an travel booking affiliate program.

Travelpayouts is a nice choice for a travel blog website. It includes the hotel booking and flight booking affiliate features. Travelpayouts is partner with some famous and trusted booking websites (Flight and Hotel booking) and working as the affiliate for them. After registering on Travelpayouts, you just need to put codes on your website where you want the booking form, search form. There are some tools available on Travelpayouts that you can put on your website like search form, best deals, text links and more.

When will you get paid and how much?

If someone book for a flight ticket or book a hotel by searching or clicking best deals or with any tools of Travelpayouts then you will earn a commission from it.

Commission amount:

50% – if you didn’t fill your payment method;

60% if TravelPayouts income from affiliate traffic is less than USD 3,000/month.

70% if TravelPayouts income from affiliate traffic is more than USD 3,000/month 


Payouts options that available on Travelpayouts to get paid is Bank transfer to foreign currency account (USD, EUR) or PayPal or ePayments or WebMoney.


Payout process

  1. On the 10th of every month, funds are deducted from the affiliate account and verified.
  2. On the 11th, after verification is complete, payouts begin.
  3. Payouts options are available on Travelpayouts :
    • WebMoney (within one day)
    • ePayments (within one day)
    • PayPal* (within several days, depending on weekends and holidays)
    • Bank transfer to foreign currency account (USD, EUR)* (within several days, depending on weekends and holidays)


Why Travelpayouts is one of the best affiliate program for travel blogs?

As I always say that if your blog have a particular niche or primary topic then you will get the targeted traffic and thus the chances of affiliate earning become high as most of the visitors are interested in travel and search engines like Google will send users on your website regularly for travel related search as your blog’s niche is travel.

So it is a nice choice for your travel blog to start earning with Travelpayouts.



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