I Have Just Withdrawn $285.11 From CloudWays Affiliate Program

Making money from a self-hosted blog is amazing. The affiliate program is the best way of earning from a blogging site according to me and many of the professional bloggers. Even affiliate income is much much higher than AdSense and any other usual monetizing process.

Why is affiliate income the best way of earning from a blogging site? I have already given the answer in this post – Why Affiliate Marketing Is Better Than AdSense For Blog? Here you will know why affiliate income is better than AdSense.

In this month, I have just make a withdrawal $285.11 from CloudWays affiliate program. CloudWays is a cloud hosting provider that provides managed hosting for many of the PHP applications like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, Prestashop and more.

As this affiliate withdraw is currently the highest affiliate withdrawal from my blog and this payout has encouraged me and give me more energy in blogging so this payout is so important to me and my future in blogging.

How have I earned $285.11 from CloudWays affiliate program?

CloudWays provides an affiliate program to boost its hosting subscription. One just needs to have a blog or website where he/she can promote the affiliate link of CloudWays. It is better to have a site which niche is hosting related so that more organic traffic can come to your site and increase the chances of affiliate selling.

In my blog, there are few posts available where I have discussed several types of managed app hosting CloudWays provide. First I have registered on CloudWays and then got the affiliate link from there affiliate panel. From CloudWays affiliate panel, I was able to get various types of direct affiliate link of pages like WordPress hosting, WooCommerce hosting, Hosting for Prestashop, Magento and so on.

For example, here is one of my post – Hosting providers for Magento store that can give faster speed and performance. In this post, I have listed various types of hosting providers where I have also put the CloudWays hosting that provides managed hosting for Magento. From the affiliate panel of CloudWays affiliate platform, I have got the direct affiliate link of Magento hosting page and used this link in my post.

Below are some of my other posts where I have discussed and listed affiliate link of CloudWays hosting:

I have not told you yet how long time it took for me to get $285.11 in my PayPal account. Well, my blog still has not got a good rank on search engines and it hardly reaches 50 to 60 traffic a day. You can guess that with this number of traffic it took a long time for me to reach this amount on CloudWays affiliate. Well, actually I have to wait 1 year and few more months to withdraw my money on CloudWays affiliate account.

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CloudWays has the minimum payout rules which are $250. My affiliate income on CloudWays was rising very slightly. But this month, the rise of my affiliate balance was almost from $236 to $285.11 and I got the ability to be paid out. So in June, CloudWays sent me my affiliate income on their affiliate platform in June of this year(2018).

Well, the search traffic of my blog is increasing day by day and I hope that I will be able to earn more in affiliate income from CloudWays. The affiliate withdrawal of $285.11 is my second-time withdrawal. Also, I think I will be able to withdraw my affiliate income more often as the amount of traffic increasing day by day. The first affiliate income I earned was from Tips and Tricks HQ where I have got income by adding affiliate link of their WordPress plugins.

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