Get Free HTTPS (SSL) For Your Site To Improve Security By Encrypt

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick

Have you a website and are you thinking to show a green security lock with “https” on the address bar to make your website most valuable and secure to users? Yes, you are right. The green colored “https” with security lock really make a website more valuable to the visitors of the website. And also you are getting extra security for your website using SSL or the HTTPS.

You can find many web hosting company provide SSL/HTTPS by talking a cost for it. But do you know that you can get “https” with green security lock (SSL) for your website FREE of cost from Cloudflare? It is not like those premium SSL certificate plan, it is a less encrypt SSL for websites. But it is free which is really great. It will not only make your website valuable and trusty but also you will get an extra layer of security with this less encrypt SSL certificate. It can block any attacker and malware and your website will be safe.

Register on Cloudflare and submit your site. Then change your domain nameservers so that Cloudflare can work. To see the process step by step click hereThere is also the premium plan available to make your site more secure. But it is really so nice to get free “https” for your site which can make your website more secure and valuable to visitors. And one important thing is that CloudFlare is designed to both accelerate and secure any website.

How Cloudflare protects your website:

The system works somewhat like a content delivery network (CDN) but is designed to be much easier to setup and configure. Let’s have a look at the below picture to understand:

How Cloudflare works

How Cloudflare works:  Left side picture without Cloudflare and right side picture when a website using Cloudflare.

From the above picture, it should be clear that Cloudflare works as a firewall between your website and the visitors of your website. When it see normal visitors or crawlers it allows to access them to the website. When it find any attacker or harmful to your website it will be blocked by Cloudflare and your website will be safe.

Now again I want to remember you that it’s free. So go and register. Also, see the video how to setup CloudFlare on your website by clicking here. Also, you can see the video of adding SSL or HTTPS for your WordPress site.

Let’s Encrypt is another free SSL provider that you can use for your website. Well, in the case of Cloudflare you get free CDN service, but Let’s Encrypt will provide only SSL. But if you are using any other CDN network then you can use Let’s Encrypt.