How to enable free HTTPS/SSL of Cloudflare for your site

Having the green lock with HTTPS on your site is cool. Hosting companies provide SSL that can be used to enable HTTPS.

But the main problem is that this SSL that are provided by some hosting companies are so costly.

But don’t worry, there is a solution to this. Now you don’t have to pay to get the cool green lock with HTTPS.

CloudFlare provides the free SSL for any site. You can use their service to have HTTPS on your site or blog.

In this post, I am going to tell you how to enable the free SSL or HTTPS of CloudFlare on your website.

Cloudflare provides free SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and adds green https with security lock for your site. All of these are free of cost.

On the video you can see below is a guide for you to enable SSL on your website. It not only makes your website valuable but also it can protect your website from attackers and speed up your website.

CloudFlare has the CDN service which can, minify the static content like CSS, JavaScript and reduce the memory size of these static content which loads your site faster.

Here is how what is CDN and how it works in this article – What Is CDN And Why You Should Use It For Your Website?

You can follow the steps you can see in the video to enable SSL and add https for your site.  Using Flexible SSL of Cloudflare there is an encrypted connection between your site visitors and CloudFlare, but not from CloudFlare to your server.

You do not need an SSL certificate on your server. Visitors will see the SSL lock icon in their browser. So it will be really easy to set up for you. And all of these are for free of cost.

Do you have a WordPress site or self-hosted WP blog? It is easy to enable free SSL for your WordPress site as there are plugins available. The video you can see below shows you how to add SSL or HTTPS for your WordPress Site”

So what you think now? Getting the green lock icon with free HTTPS makes your website so cool.

At a time I was also thinking that without paying the fee I will not be able to show the HTTPS on my site. But I really wish to have it on my blog.

During the search on the internet, suddenly I found CloudFlare and know that it is possible to make my website cool with HTTPS which cost nothing.

After that, I got the free SSL from CloudFlare and able to tune my site from HTTP to HTTPS.

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