Meridian Sovrn – How much a publisher can earn

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick

Well, if you are new to meridian sovrn or still not join it as a publisher and willing to join then this article may help you. let’s read:

Well, meridian sovrn was previously known as lijit. It is a CPM ad network where a publisher will get paid for impression. let’s see first what meridian sovrn is saying on the question “How much money will I make?” on their desk:

“The amount of money you will make depends on several factors all related to the size, demographics, readership and content of your site. sovrn strives to either directly sell premium advertising and/or to optimize multiple ad channels in order to make as much money for you as possible while at the same time making sure the ad creative is consistent with the audience of your site.”

Though meridian sovrn saying this but there is always an approximate amount between a range where most of the publisher site earning money for a certain amount of impression like earning per thousands of visitors.


Once I asked sovrn support team to give me an idea of how much can I earn. They reply me and I got their message through email. Let’s see what they said me:


Being that we are an open ad exchange, CPMs can vary from on the low end of $0.20 to north of $3.00. This is hard to determine exactly what you would earn because it all depends on how our demand partners bid on your site and value your inventory. This can change from day to day and can be hard to predict how an open market will act.

Thank you and hope this helps.


sovrn Support Team”

Well, you can see that the support team gave me the reply with very honestly. But in most of the site, you can see the CPMs can vary earning vary between $0.4 to $2.

Well, I don’t think that I need to say more about the earning as you can guess how much you can earn from sovrn.