How many blog post a blog site should have?

One common question from many new bloggers who has started blog newly is “how many post on a blog should have?”. Well, this is a question which can not be answered in one word. So I have to rite this complete article which will give the answer of this question. Well, the answer will not be perfect for all blogs. but I will give you an idea.

If you look at most of the blogs on the internet getting a significant amount of search traffic have at least 1000 posts. So what it mean? Is that means your blog should contain 1000 post to reach that amount of traffic? If you reach to a significant amount of traffic then what happen if you stop writing? Will the amount of search traffic be the same?

Okay, let me tell you something now so that you will get some idea. If you ask me the question “What should be the number of posts on a blog?” then I would like to say you there are no fixed number of post exist for a blog. It always change.

Why so? Are you confuse?

let me tell you the reason.

Suppose you are writing on your blog in a regular basis and the search traffic also increasing day by day. Once your blog have 1000 posts and you are getting good amount of traffic. Now what will happen if you stop writing?

Now let me say.

If you stop writing after you reach 1000 posts, you will see the organic search traffic decreasing day by day. If you again start writing regularly then you will see the search traffic increasing again.

Why this will happen?

Well, search engine always like those sites that are updating regularly. Google like to show search results from those sites that are updating regularly. So if you stop writing on your blog, search engine will give less value to your site and your search traffic will decrease day by day.

So how many blog posts a blog should have?

Well, I am again saying that there are no fixed number of amount of posts that your blog should contain. Whatever, you need to write and publish new content for your blog regularly. But I can say that after your blog reach to a significant number of posts, you will starts to get a good amount of traffic. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop writing. If you stop writing your traffic will again starts to drop.

But what should be the number of posts after when you start to get good traffic?

Well the number of posts that increase your organic search traffic depends on the type of your blog. Or more correctly it depends on the niche of your blog. Here are some example below:

For a cooking blog you will get good amount of traffic just after writing about 500 posts. If you have a gossip blog, then you obviously post multiple times of a day. So in this case your blog will content a large amount of post.If your gossip blog is two years old and you post three article per day then your number of post will be 365 × 2 × 3 = 2190.


So what you have learn from this article? Was this helpful to you? Now can you guess what should be the number of posts on your blog? Or more correctly it can be asked like this – “After which number of posts you will starts to get good amount of traffic?”. And again I want to make you remember that never stop writing. Please let me know if this article was helpful to you.

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