How much should you charge for direct advertising on your blog?

Direct advertising is a nice opportunity to earn from a blogging site. If your blog starts to get a considerable visitors then you may get proposal from several business, company or website owner to ad their banner. When you or a newbie blogger get a direct advertising selling proposal from a business then the first question come in mind is “How much should I charge?”.

I know this is really confusing decision if you got the direct ad selling proposal for the first time. So in this article I am going to solve that problem for newbies.

So how much should you cost for selling direct ad on your blog?

Well it is not possible to give the answer in short as there are a lots of things or factors are involve which decide how much you should charge for selling direct advertise or for adding banner on your blog.

  • Traffic amount that your blog is receiving is the most important thing to measure the advertising cost on your blog. Well there is a formula for measuring the advertising cost which follows by lots of bloggers. The advertising charge for one month in dollar should be the number of unique visitors on your blog per day divided by 10. For example, suppose your blog is receiving 1000 unique visitors daily then the direct advertising cost for one month should be 1000/10 = $100. I have got the formula from a post of Entrepreneurs-Journey that is written by Yaro Starak.
  • The position of advertising banner is also a major factor. It should be more costly to advertise on a blog site if the advertising banner is on a place where visitors attention is more likely to go. Obviously you should charge more for an ad banner which is on the sidebar than ad banner on the footer area.
  • The niche of your blog also matters in advertising cost. Some niches should not sell a single advertise, always you should avoid selling ad space whatever the amount is on your blog, where others blog sites can sell out of ads with as low as 100 visitors a day.
  • From where your site is getting visitors is also a factors. Organic search traffic has more value than traffic from social media. So sometimes those bloggers getting more organic search traffic place banner on their site by taking more money from advertise.
  • How much your audience trust your blog can also determine the advertising cost or ad space selling price on your blog. If your site is more trustworthy to your audience then the click rate on banner ad will be more.

Start from low price to know the exact price for first time

What to do when you got the first proposal to adding the banner? My recommendation is that start by taking low price and gradually increase it. I have just told you in this article about taking $100 for a month of banner advertising if your blog receiving 1000 unique visitors per month. You can start from $50 instead of taking $100. That means the advertising cost that you will take be the daily unique visitors divided by 20. After that you will increase the ad price gradually. At which price you see that most of the advertiser are not interested then lower the price and you will get the exact price that you should take from advertiser.

If you have not sufficient traffic on your blog then you can continue with affiliate. I mean fill the ad spaces with affiliate link. When you start to get a significant amount of traffic (daily 500 unique visitors), then remove affiliate ads and add sponsored banner.

I hope this article give you the idea how much you should charge from advertisers for adding banner ad or selling ad space for your blog.

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