How much you can earn using Mediavine on your blog?

Mediavine is an amazing ad management company and is a certified Google ad publishing partner. Using Mediavine, you can make money from your blog.

But how much?

Many of the bloggers willing to know how much money they can make by placing Mediavine ads on their blog. Well, in this article, I am going to let you know it. You will get an idea about it.

If you start using Mediavine, then Mediavine places ads on your site and manage all the complicated tasks like ad optimizing, selling, and ad placements to maximize your revenue.

So how much money exactly you can make with Mediavine

I know you are eagerly waiting to get the answer. But it is not possible to give an exact figure. There are a lot of factors involving which decide the amount of profit made by the blog. Pageviews is one of the important factors.

Well, traffic from the United States generates more revenue compared to third-tier countries. But I am not taking the country as count because Mediavine accepts blogs that are getting the majority traffic from the US.

But don’t worry, here I am going to give you a rough estimation of how much you can earn from blogging using Mediavine.

Well, if you compare Mediavine earnings with AdSense, then you can surely make much more than AdSense. You can make 5 to 7 times more from the Mediavine ad network than AdSense.

We can look at the ANASTASIA BLOGGER’s earnings report that shows she made $4581.44 in a month from Mediavine with 236717 pageviews in that month. From the traffic and the earnings, you can easily guess how much one can earn from this ad management company.

The CPM rate of Mediavine is higher. the CPM rate may rely upon between $15 to $20 which is much higher than Ezoic and most of the other ad networks.

The minimum traffic required to join Mediavine is 50,000 sessions per month. With this amount of traffic, you can make almost $1000. With 100k monthly pageviews, you can make almost $2000.

Income reports from Mediavine published by some other bloggers

Well, if you see some earnings report from this ad network from some other bloggers, then it may give you a more clear idea and you can guess how much you can make from this ad network. Below are some of the income reports:

  • Claudia, a 21 years old lifestyle blogger made $2,460.32 from her blog Its Claudia G made in October 2020. The traffic she received in that month is 118,000.
  • The Fiery Vegetarian made $1753 from 72963 sessions in a month.
  • Nikki’s Plate is another blog that already earned $2,726.68 from almost 115k sessions in January 2020.

I hope, these figures will be helpful for you to get an estimated idea.

Well, if you want to know how much I am making from Mediavine, then I would like to let you know that I am not using Mediavine. This is because the majority of the traffic is from India, not from the United States on my blog. As I told you earlier, majority traffic from the US is one of the requirements to get approved by Mediavine.

But I hope, it will be helpful for you to get some idea of how much you can make from this ad publishing partner.


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