Best ways to get sponsored posts for your low traffic blog

This article is going to guide you on how to get sponsored posts for your blog even if your blog is having low traffic.

You already might know but are completely wrong:

  • Low traffic blogs can’t get sponsored posts

If you can get a single post ranked well in search engines, you can get sponsored posts.

My personal advice to you:

  • Don’t rush for getting sponsored posts
  • Apply the tips I am going to give here. If you do so, you will be offered sponsored posts from various companies and individuals.

Before going to the tips, you need to know:

How companies or individuals choose blogs to offer paid/sponsored posts

To make it easier to understand take this below example:

For a moment assume that you are an owner of an “Earphone company/brand”. And you want to beat your competitors by selling a huge amount of your products.

As you know in today’s world everybody knows how to use search engines like google to find answers to every question.

So before buying the earphone they will search “Best earphones under 10 dollar” (The amount might be changed, I am just giving an example)

The earphone company’s marketing experts know this fact and they will also search for the same on the internet. They will discover a lot of websites that are reviewing the best earphones.

They will simply approach the bloggers and offer them some money to list their products in their blogs.

(The company will try to offer sponsored/paid review articles for those blogs who are appearing in the first pages or first two pages in search engines)

So clearly you can say that your main objective will be to appear in the search result with that kind of keyword.


Choose a niche of your blog if you want sponsored posts fast

This is the first and most important thing. I am not going to explain what is niche and why it is important. If you are still interested just have a look at this: Why choosing a perfect niche for your blog is necessary?

So basically what happens is, when you choose a niche for your website it will be easier for you to rank faster on search engines.

For example:

If your niche is “Blogging” and you have a blog post “Best SEO tools for bloggers to rank faster”. This blog may rank in search engines. So some SEO tool owners may contact you to list their tools in your blog.

Maintaining good quality articles may help you to get high quality sponsored posts

In some cases, it has been seen that good companies do not like to give sponsorship to low-quality content creators even if the blog appears on the first page of the search engine.

The reason is that low quality content may give negative impressions to the readers.

Try to choose profitable keywords for your blog

You can target your audience in your blog to get more attention from the sponsored post providers.

Try to choose easy to rank keywords that might attract sponsored post providers.

What Is Keyword Stuffing And Why It Is bad For A Site? – Have a look at this to know why you should not insert focus keywords too much in your article.

Microniche can get sponsored posts faster than broad niche blogs

The reason is simple. Micro niche blogs can rank easier than broad niche blogs. So if you are in a hurry to get sponsored posts then go for micro niche blogs.

Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas for getting US traffic



If you are not getting a good amount of traffic overall but a few of your articles has been ranked well in search engines, then you can expect sponsored posts.

If you are not getting offers from brands then don’t hesitate to contact them.

Few things to remember if you give a proposal to a brand from your end first:

  • The brand may consider you that your blog is not worthy to promote their products/services.
  • You are in need of money so they may offer you less amount. (As you are the needy one here)

But do not hesitate to try. If you can present your ranking statistics and traffic statistics on that keyword, the brand digital marketing team might be interested in promoting their products/services on your blog.

If you are excited about getting sponsored posts you should read the below article, as it is more important than making some short-term bucks.

Should I add external links in my blog – Benefits and cons explained

Before taking any sponsored post you should check the website link they want to put in your blog.

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