How I am able to earn 5 times more money than AdSense using an ad network?

Using AdSense is the easiest way to start monetizing your blog. It doesn’t need any minimum traffic requirements to get approved. If you have some content, you can apply on AdSense.

When I started getting some traffic to my programming and tutorial blog, I applied to AdSense in a hope of making money. My blog was approved by AdSense on the first chance.

After that, I continue using AdSense for a few months and was able to withdraw the payment as I was able to collect over $100, which is the minimum amount to withdraw.

But it was not sufficient for me. I always thought that, with the amount of traffic I was getting I deserve even more than AdSense pays me.

Luckily, I came to know about another ad network that claims that I can earn 5 times more money than AdSense. In the beginning, it was really hard to believe. But later I learn about premium publishers and Google ad publishing partners and found it is possible to make more than AdSense.

Not only me, even many other bloggers also think that AdSense is the highest paying ad network. But this is not true. Each and every premium ad network pay multiple times more than AdSense.

The ad network I started using was Valueimpression and still using it to monetize 2 of my blogs. It needs a higher amount of traffic to get approved by this ad network. When I got approved by this ad partner, my traffic was almost 80k per month.

After using the Valueimpression ad network I can see my revenue increased by 5 times more than AdSense.

The process of start making 5 times more income than AdSense

The first thing I did is visiting the official Valueimpression website and sign up there by submitting my website. After they verify my site they approved it.

It just took 1 day for me to get approved for my site on Valueimpression. I got an email from them that contains an ads.txt file for my blog that needs to be placed in the root of my domain and should be accessed like this – .

They also provided me the ad tags in a text file. It contains several types of ad sizes. It also contains an out-stream video ad tag and also a sticky ad code that contains all the required JavaScript file paths too. A required head tag also provided.

Without wasting any time, I start implementing it on my blog. I placed the JavaScript in the head tag and placed 5 ad units on my blog where I love to place it. After a few days I put the sticky ad on my site, but I did it by removing another existing ad as I always want to use 5 ad units on my site.

My earnings using Valueimpression

After I start using this ad network, it took some time to fully optimize the revenue. But at a point, I see that using Valueimpression my revenue was 5 times more than AdSense and I start to make more money than AdSense.

In a month I made almost $1000 where I may be able to make only $200 using AdSense. So it is sure that my income was 4 to 5 times more with Valueimpression.

Actually, they pay for impressions. That means, it doesn’t matter if visitors click the ad or not, we always going to get paid.

Also, I was using their smart video ad that help to earn most of the revenue in most of the days. This type of video ads appear in the bottom right on the web page.

To see my full income report using Valueimpression ad network you can read these articles:

Well, I would also like to tell you that even now I am also using Valueimpression to monetize my blog. it is now more than 1 year and I am pretty much sure that I will continue making money from them.


If you would like to start using this ad network, then be sure that you first get a sufficient amount of traffic. If the main traffic for your website is coming from Asia then Valueimpression is one of the best choice for you.

If you are also using Valueimpression to monetize your blog, then please comment below and let me know about your experience in brief.

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