Improve Google rank of your blog without getting penalized

Google is the most popular search engine in the world where each and every site owner want to rank higher. Google also become so smart and strict now. In 2008 or 2009 it was very easy to rank better on Google search, but now the time has changed. Google become so smarter and it can now understand several thing about a website that even you also can’t think about.

Google is improving day by day and it is now so strict for low quality sites. If a website or blog found trying to rank higher on Google by doing some “black hat” SEO technique then Google is there to penalized that site. There are several algorithm update for Google are there to penalized a site. I have already discussed about Google Penguin and Panda update which penalize those sites that are using “black hat” SEO technique and has low quality of content.

Now in this article I am going to tell you how to improve your Google ranking for your blogging site so that Google will not penalize your site.

How to rank higher for your blog on Google?

Here are what you have to do to rank higher on Google search:

Write high quality content:

I know that you become tired of listening this. But I am sorry to say again that this is true fact, you have to write high quality of content on your blog in this case also. Each posts of your blog should have sufficient and useful content for your readers. One of my blog article I have mention poor quality and insufficient content as the major reason for Google Panda Penalty for blog. So you have to write quality content so that your site will not affected by Google Panda penalty in future.

Configure SEO properly:

Configure SEO for your blog properly. If you have a WordPress blog then there are SEO plugins available to setup SEO on your WP site. All In One SEO and Yoast SEO are two popular and great SEO plugin. You can choose one of these. Use proper length in title and meta description.

Don’t use Black hat SEO:

If you use some “black hat” SEO technique then surely, it will effects your site as Google is now so strict and also smarter than it was before. Black hat SEO technique on your site can be the reason for penaly by Google algorithm update. Black hat SEO technique can effects on your Google ranking and you may lose a huge amount of search traffic.

Remove low quality content:

Few low quality content can harm your overall block. It is better to remove these low quality pages. I strongly suggest you to add noindex, follow meta robots tag in all your tag and category pages. Know more about noindex, follow meta robots tag.

nofollow all external links:

I strongly suggest you to nofollow all external links. Links from low quality site can harm your site. Also adding nofollow will not send the SEO juice and Google it does not count as backlinks.

Never buy backlinks:

Buying backlinks is against Google search terms and condition. If you buy thousands of backlinks in cheap price from some website like fiverr then you can see a huge search traffic drop.

Use Google disavow links tool:

If you find your site listing on low quality sites then you can send request to Google not to count your blog site linking on those low quality sites. You also may find your site on some websites directory listing sites which does not have any SEO value and can harm your site as they providing low quality of backlinks. There is a solution for this. You can submit request on Google Disavow Tool not to take those low quality backlinks in count.

Use keywords in natural way:

Bloggers often do keyword research in their article. This was a great way to rank on search engine several years ago. But now it has very little value in SEO. Google is now so strict in keyword spam. So don’t use keywords with unnatural way that makes your blog post poor in quality. Keyword research still works, but write natural article by using keywords naturally. I suggest you to read this post – What should be the Keyword Density of your blog post for SEO? Also read this – What Is Keyword Stuffing And Why It Is bad For A Site?

Choose alt tag for images:

Images of a blog also plays some role for SEO. Choose image alt text perfectly. If you use WordPress for your blog then you will see the option where you can enter the alt text for the image in the time of uploading or adding the image. Below is the picture:

Noindex,follow all category and tag pages:

It is better for a blog to noindex,follow all category and tag pages. Category and tag pages may contain duplicate content and also your site will effected for the low quality types of content on category and tag pages. So it is better to noindex,follow these pages to improve SEO for your blog. You will see the option to noindex,follow category and tag pages in Yoast SEO WordPress plugin.

Write regular:

Search engines like those blog where new content added regularly. So it is better to write regular on your site. Adding new article will improve the rank and domain authority of your site. Try to write at least 3 blog posts per week.

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