How To Get Organic Search Statistics Report Of Your Blog?

Organic Search Statistics

Organic search traffic are most valuable for every blog site. So it is necessary to be notified about your organic search traffic everyday. You need to find a way which will help you to get the regular and daily statistics report of organic search traffic so that you understand about your blog’s level and position on search engines and also how much value search engines giving to your blog.

In this blog post I am going to tell you how you can keep regular eye on the organic search traffic of your blog site.This is so important for any blog site to get notified if the blog is getting traffic from search engines. The most important thing is to getting Google search statistics because this is the most popular search engine and most of the users using it worldwide. Yahoo, Bing are also two popular and major search engines after Google.

So how you can get the organic search statistics report of your blog?

To get the search engine statistics of your blog there are some online website analytics tools available that you can use to get the organic search statistics of your blog. I am going to listing these online tools which can show you the organic search statistics of your blog site also.

All you need is just to copy and paste the tracking code on each page of your website or blogging site and the online website analytics tools can track the traffic that are coming on your site. Also it can track the traffic from major search engines and thus you can get the organic search traffic statistical reports of your blog.

Here are the list of 3 online site analytics tools that can inform you about the organic search traffic coming to your blog site:

Google Analytics

You can get the organic search statistics of your blog on Google Analytics. Though the statistics from Google Analytics little bit delay than the actual real time but it shows you almost the accurate statistics. Google Analytics is a great way to keep eye on the organic search statistics of your blog. I am also using it. I am actually using the android app of Google Analytics and it really help me a lots. I always recommend you to use Google Analytics to get the statistics report of your blogging site.


StatCounter is another great website analyzer tool which can give you the website statistics in real time. Real time statistics is the major reason that bloggers and website owners like StatCounter. This online web analytics tool also can give you the website traffic analysis that coming from organic search.

So StatCounter is really great if you are looking for real time organic search traffic from the major search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Rantic etc.


Clicky is also a nice website traffic analysis tool which give you the real time statistics for like StatCounter but it can provide more than StatCounter provide. Even Clicky will show you the online visitors that are currently on your website in real time. If you want organic search statistics in real time then you can use Clicky as your website analyzer tool.

So you have introduced with 3 analyzer tools from this blog post that can help you to keep eye on the organic search traffic statistics of your blog and you will be aware of the organic search traffic that you are receiving on your blog.

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