How to speed up your WordPress blogging site?

I often tell you in several of my posts that website speed is also an important factor for both SEO and user experience. If you have a bogging site on self-hosted WordPress, then the speed of your blog plays an important role.

If your WordPress blog takes too much time to load then it will affect negatively on both SEO and user experience. So here I am going to tell you how to speed up your WordPress site. In this post, I am going to list some effective ways of improving the speed of WordPress site.

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Reasons for slow loading WordPress blog

Before I am going to discuss on how to speed up WordPress blog, let’s see the reasons for the slow load of WordPress:

  • Poor quality of hosting server can make your WordPress site slower.
  • If a WordPress site using the poorly coded plugin then it can harm the site speed.
  • If there are too many external scripts like JavaScript, CSS loads on the site then it can make the site slow.
  • If your WordPress site not serving to cached pages, then it will overload the server.
  • If the images on your WordPress site are not optimized properly.

What to do to speed up your WordPress site?

Below are the points to improve the speed of your WordPress site or blog:

  • Using a good caching plugin
    A WordPress caching plugin can store lots of from the dynamic WordPress pages when first accessed the page after that it serves the cached version to all the users accesses the page. Thus the speed of WordPress site can be improved.
    There are lots of caching plugins available for WordPress site. Some of the great caching plugins for WordPress are W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, WP Fastest Cache.
  • Minimize the number of plugins
    The more plugins you use on your WordPress site, your site is likely to be more heavyweight. So you should remove all of the unnecessary plugins. Only keeps those plugins that are really needed. Extra plugins cause extra load on site which make the site slower.
  • Optimize the images of your WordPress site
    The memory size of images on a web page increases the total memory size of a web page significantly. Often the image memory size can be larger than the memory size of the whole page. For this reason, a web page can take too long time to load if the images on the web page not properly optimized.
    So, it is better to optimize each and every image of WordPress posts and pages before you upload it to minimize the page size. You can notice that on my blog almost all the images are between 25 to 50 kb in memory size. It is recommended not to use more images that are more than 60kb.
  • Using a CDN service
    I have already discussed CDN on Some of my posts. Here is a post where I have discussed CDN service – What Is CDN And Why You Should Use It For Your Website?
    In brief, a CDN or Content Delivery Network is a network of data centers or servers located in multiple locations around the world containing the copy of static files like CSS, JavaScript, Images etc of the site and when a user access the site, the CDN network deliver these static files from the closest data center.
    In this way, CDN service reduce the load on the server as the server does not have to provide the static files like CSS, JavaScript and images. By reducing the server load, it makes the servers faster and the site load at a faster speed. Also, getting static files from nearest servers take less time than a server located in the far way which improves the overall site performance and speed.
    MaxCDN and CloudFlare are two popular CDN service providers. On my blog, I am using CloudFlare CDN service.
    Best 3 cloud hosting providers for high traffic WordPress blog
  • Minify the CSS and JavaScript
    By compressing or minifying CSS and JavaScript files you can reduce the memory size of these files and thus it will take less time. You can search on Google and then get lots of online tools where you can get the minified version of your CSS or JavaScript file after you submit your original file.
    I have also tell you about some caching plugins. Sometimes a caching plugin also minify CSS/JavaScript files to speed up your WordPress blogging site.

So what you think? Was this article helpful? Please let me know if there is anything more you need to know. I will try my best to help you. Also, I will like to know if you know any other tricks to speed up your WordPress site.

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