Why you should improve page loading speed of your site?

In some of my previous blog posts I have discussed about website page loading speed and also the importance of page loading speed. But in this blog post I am going to give you a the details reason of why improving the page loading speed is important.

Why you should improve page load speed of your website or blog?

In 2017 improving page loading speed is so important. In this high speed internet time it is important to make your website faster than the time few years ago. Not only one or two reasons, there are many reasons that page loading speed of your site or blog should be improve. Here are some of the most important reasons:

Improving SEO:

Google search engine already added page loading speed to their search algorithm and many more popular search engines also prefer websites with fast page loading speed. So improving page loading speed of your website or blog will help you to increase your organic search traffic. Organic search traffic is best types of traffic than any other types of web traffic. Read this blog post for more details: How Page Loading Speed Affects On Google Search Traffic?

Enhancing user experience with better loading speed

Website visitors always like to browse those sites which load faster. If your site takes too much time to load then visitors will just close your website and you will lose huge amount of traffic which is so important for your site or blog. Always remember that in these high speed internet generation peoples don’t like to wait. Increasing page loading speed of your site or blog obviously be the reason of better user experience.

Bounce rate and page loading speed relation:

Websites with poor page loading speed will get more exit rates which increase the bounce rates. Increasing in bounce rate may harmful for your website as it can reduce your site domain authority and page authority. Domain authority and page authority directly impact on SEO. So in this way page loading speed of your site or blog will also effect on SEO. To know what is bounce rate read this blog post – What Is Bounce Rate In Alexa For A Site Or Blog?. This post has been define bounce rate.

These are the major reasons of why you should improve the page loading speed of your site or blog. Now you may want to know how you can improve the page loading speed of your site. I recommend you to read this post – How You Can Improve Page Loading Time Of Your Website?

And what are some reasons for poor page loading speed?

There are lots of reasons that may be caused for slower loading speed of your site or blog. According to me the poor quality of hosting server is the major reason fr poor page loading speed of a site. if you see that all the things of your website are configured perfectly and you have take all the necessary steps to make your website faster and still the site is loading with slow speed, that means the server quality where your site hosted is not so good. You need to transfer your site to another hosting server which can provide you better page loading speed and site performance.

If you are running a WordPress site then your site can be load with slower speed if you are using too many plugins and widgets. Also putting a lots of ads to monetizing your site or blog can make the page load speed slower.

There are couple of online tools to measure page loading speed of your website. You can use the tools that provided by Google to measure your website page load speed. Page loading speed on mobile has been moved to https://search.google.com/search-console/mobile-friendly?utm_source=psi&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=psi-ux-banner&hl=en-US. There are lots of other tools too measure the page loading speed of your site. Pingdom, GTmetrix also so popular web pages speed monitoring tools.


After reading this article I think you have understand how important is a website page loading speed and also you can realize that you never should neglect it. If your website loading speed is slow then you should think about it and should take the necessary steps to improve the page load speed.


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