How to get direct advertisers for your blog website

It is easy to earn money from your website using Google AdSense or other ad network sites. Most of the beginners earn money by monetizing their blog with Google AdSense or some other kind of ad networks like, InfoLinks etc.

Personally, I think these techniques of monetizing blog are so smart way and these are for lazy bloggers. Also, the amount of money you earn is very low.

Did you ever think any different ideas of earning from a blog? How about publishing ad from advertisers directly to your website? Here you will have a direct interaction with the advertisers. It is also possible you can talk to your advertisers directly.

Direct advertising can be more profitable than Google AdSense and all other types of ad publishing network. Moving towards direct ad selling can be difficult. While Google and some other ad network allow starting with a low amount of traffic, selling ad directly can’t be started with low traffic. Before getting direct advertisers, you first need to get some good amount of traffic. So you have to work for generating traffic first and then start to get direct advertisers.

It is very clear that an advertiser likes to place the direct ad on your site so that the advertiser can also get the benefit. If your site has a very low amount of traffic, then most probably advertisers will not like to place the ad on your site.

Are you now thinking about how you can get direct advertisers? Well, now I am going to tell you few different and effective ways of getting direct advertisers for your blog. Below are some of the ways to find direct advertisers for your blog:

Create an advertising page

On my blog, you can see on top menu “Advertise On EyeSwift” option. By clicking it, you will be on a page where the instructions are written to advertise on my blog. Direct advertisers can contact you through the page. On that page, you can see the contact form link. On my contact page, there is a contact form link. By clicking here, advertisers can reach to me.

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You can also create an advertising page from where advertisers can contact you for direct advertising for promoting their products. On the page, you can also place an enquiry form so that advertisers can send you the inquiry.

Contact directly to advertisers

Another thing you can do is that you can contact the advertisers directly. You can search on the internet and find products or services that are match the niche of your blog and then you can give a proposal to them by contacting them through their business website. Of course, you need to have sufficient traffic on your site. You can find newly launched products also. they might accept your proposal if your blog meets all the quality they need.

In these tactics, the chances of getting selected will be higher the business is not listed on so many websites and not well known to peoples.

Listing your site to direct ad selling marketplace

Listing your site on ad selling marketplace is an effective way of getting direct advertisers to your blog. There is some direct ad selling sites available. BuySellads and AdClerks are two great ad space selling marketplace. On these types of sites, advertisers find sites for buying ad space.

Check relevant blogs related to your blog niche

You can keep on eye to those blogs which are relevant to the niche of your site and notice what types of sponsored advertisers or paid reviews are there. Thus, you will understand which types of sponsors the site is getting and you can also try to give the offer to those sponsored by contacting them which are listed on the blogs within your niche. There will be a chance that your offer will be accepted by one of those business.

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Use social media

Social media websites are so popular these days. You can post or tweet about selling ad space on your website or can send a message to the company or business to sell ad space. These days, almost all business own Facebook page or have an account on Twitter or any other social media site like Instagram, Google + etc. You can contact Facebook pages admin and offer to promote their business, product or service by a direct ad space on your blog.

Search on Google to find brands and business

You can search on google to find brands, business or companies. After you land on their business website from google find the contact form and send an offer to them for direct advertising on your site. but remember, you have to do this thing politely. Don’t force them.

While searching on Google for direct advertisers, search the business matches with the niche of your website or blog. For example, if your blog is about traveling, then you can search for travel agencies and offer them for direct advertising.

Above ideas you see are applicable when your site starts getting sufficient amount of traffic. Without a good traffic, any one of the ideas will not work. So I am saying you what I said at earlier in this article, you should work on getting the traffic to your site first and then you can start applying the ideas to find advertisers for your site I have discussed above.

Now, one question may come to your mind how much should you charge to advertisers. Here is the article where I have discussed the price to be taken from your advertisers – How much should you charge for direct advertising on your blog?

I believe that there are lots of more ideas exists which are not listed here. But here in this article, I have listed those which I am thinking so effective. If you also have any idea then you can also share it with me. Below is the comment box where you can share your idea with me.

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