What Is CDN And Why You Should Use It For Your Website?


A CDN or Content Delivery Network is a system where all the static contents of your website (mostly CSS, Images, JavaScript) stored on distributed servers around the world in different location and when user access your website then the user will get those Images, CSS, JavaScript from the closest server of the network where the user is located.

That means a copy of your web pages and mostly CSS, JavaScript and images are saved as cached static content on the servers situated at different locations in the world. During accessing your website the network of servers delivers cached static content from websites to users based on the geographic location of the user. Thus it will take less time to deliver.

For an example: If the main server of your website is hosted in Mountain View and someone from Paris tries to access your website, then they will be redirected to the closest server of the network which may be in London. This process help to limits the number of internet hops needed to transmit the static files to your end user.

Why should you use CDN?

After reading the above section you can clearly see that having a CDN can make a huge impact on your website. Below I have written some of the advantages of using CDN for your website:

Faster speed:

As CDN access the closest server on the network to get the CSS, images, JavaScript of your site. So it will definitely speed up your website as it taking some content from the closest server instead of accessing the main server that is located far way.


Save bandwidth & money: 

Definitely using CDN for a website will save bandwidth and thus it also save money for you. CDN will not take that content from your hosted server and thus the memory will be saved which causes bandwidth saving and save lots of money.

Decrease load on hosted server:

CDN will take CSS, Images, JavaScript from cached content of the network and thus it will help your server to decrease the load,

Improvement in SEO:

Google clearly noticed that they will give priority to those websites with faster loading speed. So CDN will definitely improve your website’s SEO.

Improvement for User Experience:

It can be noticed after using CDN on a website the declined in bounce rate and furthermore increased in pageviews and number of pages viewed by each user. So clearly a fast time always improve the user experience.


These are the major reasons of why you should use CDN for your website. So after reading it, you have seen that a CDN has many advantages and for these advantages, you should use CDN for your website. We are also using Cloudflare CDN for our site. Also, MaxCDN is also a nice CDN provider and you can use it for your site.


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