How to get more visitors and organic search traffic on your blog site?

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Traffic and unique visitors is the key to success of a blog site. Without traffic, there are no meaning of a blog site. But after starting a blog site you will not get enough traffic suddenly. You are not going to get much traffic within 1 month. You have to wait with patience. Not only waiting but also you should prepare your blog and take some steps to get traffic on your website. Here I am going to point out some step that you should take.

Prepare your blog for SEO:

Prepare your blog for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the first and most important step you should take before start writing the post. Without doing it you will miss the huge amount of traffic that you can get when your blog site will be older. Every popular blog you find has a well structured SEO structure. Generally, the most important SEO parameters are title tag, meta description, URL canonicalization, SEO friendly URL or permalink etc. Meta keywords are no more using the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It will increase your organic search traffic and organic search traffics are always valuable. You can get some nice SEO plugins for your WordPress blog site. Yoast WordPress SEO PluginAll in One SEO Pack are some popular WordPress plugins for SEO.

Choose your blog niche:

Blog niche means the particular topic in which your blog will be about and more than 90% of the total number of post will be on that niche. This will be a primary topic of your blog. Search engines more likely to display those blog which has a niche. Writing almost on all topics is really a very bad idea. If you write within a particular niche, you will get regular visitors who are interested in the niche that your blog site is about. Organic search traffic also increased for a blog site within its niche.


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Posts regularly on your blog site:

Search engine always loves those blog sites who updating and writing new post content. Blog sites with regular updates come more frequently on search engines and it will obviously increase the traffic for your blog site. Also, you will get regular visitors if you write posts on a regular basis. So write new post regularly.

Active on Social Media:

You can update your new posts on social media like Facebook, twitter, Google plus etc to get traffics from the social media platform. You can create a Facebook page to get fans and update post link when you have a new post. you can also share your post on StumbleUpon. Also, you should add social media share button on your each blog posts. If a visitor like your post then the visitors may like to share your post on social media and thus you get more social media traffic.

Active on forums and other blog’s comment:

You can active on forums and also can make a good relation with other popular blog sites so that peoples can know that you are also a blog site owner and peoples will know about your blog.

Get traffic from Quora and StackOverflow:

If there are any useful content that asked by someone on Quora then you can write an answer and then link your blog post URL as the source.  If you have a blog related to a solution of programming and coding then you can do the same thing on StackOverflow. But I recommend you to share only a summary and users will get full post content by going through your post link.

Write useful and high-quality content:

Peoples always love to read useful content. So make your blog post content useful for peoples. They also search on search engines for useful content. I recommend writing sufficient content with more than 600 words. Search engines love those web pages which has sufficient content.


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