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List of payment gateways in India for your website

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick

If your website is based in India or most of the visitors are coming from India then your website should have payment gateway from an Indian payment gateway company. For an Indian based online business or service provider can get paid on their website using an Indian payment gateway provider.

In this post, I am going to list some of the great payment gateway companies from India that can accept payment through online.

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Why should you choose Indian payment gateway for your website?

Before list the Indian payment gateway providers, let us tell you the reason for choosing an India based online payment gateway for your online business which is focused in India.

We know that PayPal, Stripe, Google Wallet etc are the payment gateways that accept payment through credit card. If you a user is from India, then he/she have to pay using an international credit card. But we know that most of the Indian bank account does not hold a credit card. Most of Indians have debit or ATM card or net banking account which they can use to pay online. But payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe doesn’t accept payment through net banking payment or payment using Indian debit card.

Indian Payment Gateway For Websites And Blogs – Instamojo

On the other hand, almost all the Indian payment gateways accept Indian debit card payment and net banking payment. You can integrate their payment gateway on your website and then Indian user can pay online. So you can easily get paid from Indian users by using an Indian payment gateway.

List of some of the Indian payment gateways for your website

Below are some of the great payment gateways for your Indian based website:


In our list, we have kept Instamojo in our first choice because this online payment gateway can be used by individual and even for personal blog websites. So it doesn’t matter how small is your business, you can always use this payment gateway service on your website.

To start with Instamojo payment gateway, you don’t have to pay. It is completely free. At the time of selling online using Instamojo payment gateway, it will charge you few percentage amounts per transaction.

Accept Indian Debit Card And Net Banking Payments on WooCommerce site


If you have a registered company or online business, then you can go using the PayU(PayUBiz) payment gateway for your website. This is a nice payment gateway that is used by lots of online business and store. PayUBiz is one of the most simple payment gateway solution that can increase the customer experience.

PayUBiz can accept all payment modes including 45+ Net-banking, 8+ bank EMI’s, 6 Wallets, Amex, Rupay, International Cards and more.


CCAvenue is a widely used payment gateway solution that is used by popular online based companies that sell their products online in India. Even during buying the domain “eyeswift.com” I had to pay on GoDaddy and I noticed that GoDaddy using CCAvenue payment gateway.


Today Paytm used by lots of peoples. On many shops in the market, you can see the signboard “Paytm” accepted here. But these are not the payment gateway. Most peoples use it as a digital wallet to pay and get paid. Lots of like us are using Paytm every day and recharge our mobile, pay the electric bill using Paytm.

But a nice thing about Paytm is that it also provides the payment gateway solution for website or online business. You can apply for the payment gateway to Paytm.

So these are some of the great payment gateway providers in India I have discussed in this post. If you know any other payment gateway and think that should be also in this list then you can comment about the payment gateway.

All the payment gateway providers I discussed above can accept Indian debit card payment and net banking payment which can increase your sale in a wider range.