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PayKun is the best payment gateway for any type of Indian businesses and can be used with or without a website to collect online payments from the customers. It can also be considered among the cheapest and the fastest one. One of the cheapest Indian payment gateway because there is no type of fee charged except for a per-transaction fee. There are zero setup and maintenance fees and guaranteed no hidden charges.


There are so many online payment method options available these days and the different customers would prefer different methods, to facilitate that, PayKun can be very much helpful. This is because it provides numerous payment options in one checkout including Debit/Credit cards, 80+ Net Banking, Wallets, UPI/BHIM, QR Code, etc.


PayKun for online business and eCommerce 


It is amazing that in today’s time, being at your own place you are able to reach out to any corner of the world and earn by selling your goods and services. Online business is such a means to do that. And Payment Gateway is the source.

An online website for the web development business, eCommerce, selling sweets and delivering foods, selling clothes, electronic equipment, accessories, shoes, etc. would require a means to get paid for. Taking the order and getting the payment for the same to get it delivered is how it works. There you require a payment gateway integration.


PayKun payment gateway will provide the customers with various mentioned online payment methods at one checkout. The technical part is not difficult at all and can even be taken care of by PayKun itself.


PayKun supports major eCommerce platforms with the available Plugins and SDKs.


PayKun can be explained with the help of the following features:


Safe and Secured

With the widespread online frauds prevailing, it is very much essential that the payments made over the internet are safe and theft-free. PayKun considers the security of the payments passed through it as the most important aspect and so it follows the strict security compliances. It is PCI DSS level 1 compliant which means it protects any kind of sensitive information data leaking and the payment frauds. Also, it follows 256 bit AES(Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption standard. 


120+ Online Payment Methods

There are various options through which one can pay online through PayKun. This will deduct the customer dropouts that happen due to the non-availability of the preferred payment options and also if there is any downtime in any payment option then the customer can switch to the another one at that time. They can pay through net banking, wallets, debit cards, credit card, UPI, QR code, etc. There are more than 120 options available to them.


Technically Easy

The payment gateway is supposed to be integrated, if it is to be used on the website. You can provide a payment checkout or a payment button on it. However, you need not be technically sound for that and no coding is required. There are easy to integrate ready plugins and SDKs available for all the major available platforms like PHP, Magento, Android, iOS, WordPress, Ruby, Python, .Net, Node JS, Java, etc. Also, PayKun provides free integration help.


Fast & Free Onboarding

PayKun Merchant Account is fast to get and free to activate & set up. Its onboarding procedure is simple and hasslefree. The documents to be submitted are all online and paperless. 


Fast Settlements

PayKun provides easy and fast payouts directly in your bank account.


Payments without website

PayKun helps you receive your online payments even if you do not have a website. PayKun Payment Links and Master Links can be offered to the customers easily for that. You can accept payments through SMS, Emails, Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram Direct, etc. with its help. It is a checkout in the form of a link URL.


Blogging and Freelancing

If you are a blogger, you may get a PayKun payment button integrated on your website to collect online payments from your customers easily in your bank account. 

Freelancers may or may not have a website, so the PayKun Payment Links are very useful for them to collect online payments.


Timely Optimum Support Services

PayKun is easy to approach through all possible mediums like chat, calls and emails. They provide timely support and has the motto of ‘Client and their customers first’. 


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