My WordPress site on shared hosting able to take 150k traffic

My WordPress site on shared hosting able to take 150k traffic

I am running a programming blog on WordPress which is currently getting almost 8500 traffic per day. That means the current traffic of my WordPress site is almost 255k. It is currently hosted on SiteGround’s business class hosting. But before I go to their cloud hosting, my WordPress site was hosted on a shared hosting plan and it was able to take the load of almost 150k monthly traffic.

Taking that amount of monthly traffic by a shared hosting platform is really great. These days, the shared hosting platform is more powerful then it was in the past. In my case, I was using the SiteGround shared hosting plan. You can notice that in current time also I am using SiteGround, but here I am using their cloud platform.

I understand that you want to know which hosting provider I use. Don’t worry, I am going to tell you everything about my hosting provider, hosting plan as well as steps taken by me to make minimize the server load to make my site faster.

But my programming blogging journey didn’t start with SiteGround. Previously I was using BlueHost India that was not so good. Here I am not talking about I purchased hosting from the Indian website of BlueHost that is Yes, provides good quality of hosting. I thought also provide the same quality of the server. But I was wrong. Here you will know all about my experience of hosting service from BlueHost India – Why I have removed my WordPress blog from BlueHost India?

The moment I start using SiteGround shared hosting

After I got bad service from BlueHost India, I migrate my site to SiteGround. I started with the SiteGround GrowBig plan which cost $5.95 per month. Within a few months, I can see my traffic increases and then I move to the GoGeek plan. This plan was the final and highest shared hosting plan provided by SiteGround. It cost $11.5 per month.

From my experience, I realize that the WordPress hosting on the shared hosting platform on SiteGround was a good choice. It was the fastest shared hosting platform I ever have seen.

GoGeek plan of SiteGround was able to take 150k monthly traffic

You already can think from the above content of this article, that SiteGround an amazing platform for WordPress even on its shared platform. The amazing thing about this provider is that It was able to take 150k traffic in one month with great performance.

The amazing fact about the 150k monthly traffic is that, even after getting that amount of traffic, there was still some resource left before I upgrade to the cloud platform. The reason for getting a cloud platform is only to make my site even faster. I am quite sure, that it can be able to take more than 200k traffic and still can maintain the quality.

This amount of traffic capability for shared hosting with great performance is always adorable.

Another thing may sound strange for many of you is that, on the SiteGround website, they mentioned 100k monthly visits per month they can take. But it is actually a soft limit. That means, they can even take more traffic. In my case, the maximum traffic capacity looks like more than 200k. Although I moved my site before I reach the threshold.

Why my WordPress site can take more traffic than other sites?

But you should know that all the WordPress sites will not be able to take that kind of traffic. But what I did is minimizing the load on the server. Almost, all other WordPress blog uses lots of plugins and get a free or premium theme with lots of options panel.

But I am not only a blogger but also a WordPress developer. I have developed my own WordPress theme to use. I have not developed any option panel. Many of the themes I keep static. Also, I am not using too many plugins. I have put some of the plugin’s features directly into the theme without any option and settings for admin. These all make my theme and site lite and make the site faster by minimizing the load in the server.

So in this way, I was able to get 150k traffic on my WordPress blog in a month and still, there were lots of resources that were unused that look like I can even able to get more than 200k traffic.

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