AdThrive and Mediavine Alternatives for Blogs with Indian Traffic

AdThrive and Mediavine are two of the great ad network for bloggers and publishers that generate a high amount of revenue. But many bloggers are not able to use these ad networks even after getting a considerable amount of valuable traffic because of the country of the traffic.

This is because, both AdThrive and Mediavine need majority of traffic from the United States to get approved. So if your blog is getting majority of the traffic from countries other than US, then you will not able to use any of these ad networks.

Well, one of my programming blog receiving more than 300000 monthly traffic. But I was not approved by these ad networks even though AdThrive needs 100k minimum traffic and Mediavine needs 50k minimum traffic. The reason is that I am getting most of the traffic from India. So Indian majority traffic is also not able to get approved by these ad networks.

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But rejecting from Mediavine didn’t make me disappointed because I am using an ad network that also pays me very well. The ad network I am using is Valueimpression. There are even more other ad networks available that can be used as alternatives for blogs that receiving Indian traffic.

Below are some of the ad networks that I am talking about:


I have already mentioned this ad network just in the content above. I love this ad network. They pay me 5 times more than the ad network. The minimum traffic required to get approved by Valueimpression is almost 50k.

If you want to know more about Valueimpression ad network, then you can read these blog article – 

I hope, these articles will help you to give details information about this premium ad network.



Ezoic is another amazing ad network that needs only 10000 monthly traffic to get approved. They will approve you if your blog has the minimum traffic amount even if you are getting the majority traffic from India also instead of traffic from the US.

The earnings they will give you is amazing. They pay even more than AdSense. Ezoic uses machine learning technique to increase your ad revenue. They also have the ad testing tool to maximize your ad revenue.



MonetizeMore is another great alternative for AdThrive and Mediavine. It is also a Google  certified ad publishing platform that is able to generate a higher amount of revenue. It has the potential to replace AdThrive and Mediavine and works in the same way. Even if your blog or website qualified for AdThrive or Mediavine, you can still use MonetizeMore as there is no difference between the total revenue that those other two.

Many of the bloggers found MonetizeMore a good choice over Adthrive or Mediavine. Although, this is a personal choice and you should choose whatever you want. But, I think you will not regret after you give it a try.



Newor Media

Newor Media is another ad network that can be an alternative to Mediavine and AdThrive if your site is not getting majority traffic from the United States.

For example, my blog is getting majority of Indian traffic and for this reason, I will not be accepted by any of these. So for me and many other bloggers like me, Newor Media can be a great option.



Another great ad network for publishers is Pixfuture. It is available globally and blogs getting the majority traffic from India also can be accepted by them easily. The minimum traffic required is 100k to get approved by them.

I have used Pixfuture for a few months along with Valueimpression and my experience is good with them. They pay very well. The only thing I don’t like about them is that it needs to send a request for a JavaScript file for each ad unit. It causes the slow loading speed of ads.

To know about my experience and earning review, see below are two articles:


I hope this article will help you to find an ad network for your blog that suits you and help you to make money from your blog. Well, if you know about any other networks that work in India and can be great alternatives to Mediavine and AdThrive then you can let me know about them in the comment section below.

2 responses to “AdThrive and Mediavine Alternatives for Blogs with Indian Traffic”

  1. Rajan says:

    Thanks for providing the alternative ad networks. I have a blog with around 3k pageviews monthly, but the traffic is mainly from the USA. Currently, I am using Adsense. Since you are using Valueimpression and also had used Pixfuture, which one pays more (high CPM, RPM) for low USA traffic?

    • Faruque Ahamed Mollick says:

      Both Valueimpression and Pixfuture are good and there are not mutch differences between them. But Valueimpression loads faster than Pixfuture. It increases the total loading time of the webpage and decreases the rank on Google page speed insight. So I prefer Valueimpression.

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