Stamp Your PDF eBook And Protect It With This WordPress Plugin

By F.A Mollick
Protect your PDF

It is very important to protect your PDF eBooks if you are selling it through your WordPress site. Their are a lots of reason why you must should protect your eBooks by adding stamp on the PDF. In this post I am going to explain about a plugin which will add customers details like name, email, address after the customer buy this plugin. All of these will be done dynamically by this plugin. This is WP PDF Stamper Plugin.

Why you should stamp your PDF eBook?

If you stamp your PDF eBook after the buyers buy it then the stamp with customer details will discourage the customer to share it anywhere else. So it will obviously protect the eBook from being shared by adding the stamp on header or footer of the PDF eBook by WP PDF Stamper Plugin.

It is a proven fact that PDF eBooks with stamped the information of the buyer like name, email, address, phone number are less likely to be uploaded to file sharing sites or any other website. Would you upload a file that has your personal information to a file sharing site? I think probably not!

And also your eBook is the result of your hard work. So you will also never want it to being shared. So it will help you to prevent your hard work.

Another one important think that the stamped system is useful because it will personalize the eBook who buy the eBook. The eBook will only deserve to the buyer.

About the plugin WP PDF Stamper Plugin and features:

The WP PDF Stamper plugin allows to dynamically stamp a PDF file with the customer’s details like name, email, address etc when the customer purchase it. Then the plugin sends the stamped copy of the PDF file to the customer via an email. You can password protect the stamped PDF eBooks with the customer’s email address and then encrypt them to prevent users so they can not copy, modify or print the content of the eBooks. This plugin is supported by WP eStore and WooCommerce plugin.

This plugin is really easy to install and can be used easily. It can also works with HTTPS and free future updates also available.


With which eCommerce plugins WP PDF Stamper can be integrate?

WP PDF Stamper easily can be integrate with WP eStore and WooCommerce plugins.


After reading this post I think you have realize that how important this plugin if you are selling your eBooks on WordPress using WooCommerce or WP eStore plugin. If you want to get WP PDF Stamper plugin please click here.


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