Scalable optimized WordPress VPS hosting solution in cheap price on Host1Plus

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick

Would you like to start your WordPress blog on VPS type hosting in cheap price? If you want to start your new blog or want to transfer your existing WP blog on a VPS platform in cheap price then WordPress VPS hosting of Host1Plus is a great choice for you. You can buy small plan of cheap price that is starting only from $2 per month. When you see increasing in traffic and you need more resource, you can easily upgrade as it is scalable type of hosting.

Before I am going to discuss about the WordPress hosting on Host1Plus VPS servers let me tell you a bit about the company.

Host1Plus is a hosting service provider company founded in the year 2008 and is now a great hosting provider worldwide. At the time of writing this post this company has 8 server location worldwide. These are in Brazil, Germany, Lithuania, South Africa, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. The company started its first data center in in London and Vilnius in 2008 and later in 2011 they implement CDN service.

I have previously discussed  on many WordPress hosting providers and now I am going to tell you about the optimized WordPress VPS hosting solution on Host1Plus.

Features of Host1Plus’s optimized VPS hosting for WordPress

Here are some of the great features of WordPress VPS hosting of Host1Plus in cheap price that is easily not available from other providers:

Easily manage your server:

It is really so easy to manage your hosting server. Without any difficulty you can maintain and manage your VPS server. Also you can get cPanel license for $12/month and then you can enjoy its easy to use interface.

DDoS Protection:

Host1Plus is claiming that their VPS server for WordPress site on their optimized VPS for WP is fully secured from DDoS attacks.

Easily manage DNS (Domain Name System):

You don’t need to contact with the support system as you have the full control of your domain records. You can edit, create its zones or point them to any destination you wish on the WordPress VPS solution of Host1Plus.

Handy Publishing Tools available:
You can easily organize your content flow which is really amazing! And also can create drafts, schedule your publications, secure them with passwords or make them available only for certain people.
Scalable resources:
You can grab more resources depending on your growing needs to be supported. You can easily customize your resources through the client Area according to your preferences and stay within a limited budget.
14 days of money back guarantee:
If you want to test before using the WordPress VPS of Host1Plus then here is the 14 days no risk money back guarantee. It is always helpful to test anything before use it and Host.Plus VPS for WordPress also let you do that by their 14 days no risk money back guarantee.
Speed and performance:
Speed and performance of WordPress VPS solution on Host1Plus is nice. Page loading speed of a website is now count as a SEO factor, so it will be a good choice if your start your WordPress blog on Host1Plus WordPress VPS solution.
Cheap price:
The price of Host1Plus VPS for WordPress is cheaper than most of the other and general types of VPS. Here is the picture to show the pricing plan starting from depending upon the server location:
And lots of more available. In my suggestion you should try WordPress on VPS of Host1Plus as there are 14 days of trial available. Well, I think it is really great on Host1Plus VPS WordPress hosting as you are getting a VPS server for your WordPress site in this cheap price.