Sell Your Photos Easily With WordPress Photo Seller Plugin


Are you really expert in photography? Have you awesome collections of photos? Or does your client need a photo selling online platform where he/she can sell photos with easy way? Then I think this one will work for you perfectly. WordPress Photo Seller Plugin is here for you to make it possible for you to sell photos on a WordPress site with really an easy way. Even you don’t need any coding knowledge. Just configure it with a few clicks and start adding photos which you want to sell.

WordPress Photo Seller Plugin is a shopping cart designed and built to meet the needs of photographers. If you are a photographer or hobbyist and want to sell photos, prints, images online then this plugin is an essential tool for you which will solve your problems. It is also useful to graphics designers and visual artists to sell their designs.

Below are some notable features of this nice plugin:

Easy installation and setup:

Installation and setup of this plugin are very easy. It will take only a few minutes to be up and run live with your online photography store.

Sell digital downloadable photos:

You can sell digital downloadable photos directly from your own hosted WordPress site. You don’t need to depend on any third party provider.

Create reprint size options:

You can create an unlimited number of reprint size options and your customers can choose one of these sizes. Ship the print after the order come in.

Sell photos with various dimensions and sizes:

You can sell the photos with various dimensions and sizes. your customers can choose anyone size that they like. This plugin has the capability of automatically delivering a re-sized version of the image to the customer after purchase.

Automatically watermark your photos:

This plugin will automatically watermark your photos to protect your photos. But after your customers purchase a photo, they will get a watermark-free photo.

Encrypted download link:

Encrypted download link will be created to sell your photos securely. The customer can download your photos instantly after they make payment.

PayPal payment gateway:

PayPal is the payment gateway for this photo selling plugin and customers can also use their credit card if they don’t have a PayPal account.

Protect galleries with password:

You can protect your galleries with a password so that only certain users with the password can view and only they can buy those images from that gallery.

Optionally disable right click:

If you want then you can optionally enable one of the features of this plugin which will protect your photos from being the copy by disabling right click.

Image search feature:

Allow your customers to search your images so they can find it easily and buy it. Very helpful when you are selling lots of images. It will be also so helpful for your customers who need to find the perfect photo from the list.

Create discount coupon:

this plugin has the ability to offer discounts/promotions using the discount coupon functionality. Use it to allow your customers to buy photos at a discount on the price.

Can be integrated with the WordPress Affiliate Software Plugin:

This photo seller plugin can be integrated with the WordPress Affiliate Software Plugin. So if you decide to boost your photo to increase your sales by introducing an Affiliate Program later then you just have to activate the affiliate plugin and it will work with WP photo seller plugin.

And lots of more features you can find here.


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