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Question Answer System

Today a huge amount of internet users know about Quora, an online question and answer portal where a users can ask question and others can write answer on the question. And I think you also know about Stack Overflow if you work with coding and several time you rich on Stackoverflow to find something. Stackoverflow is also a n online question and answers portal like quora, but Stackoverflow is for only coding and developing related questions.

Did you ever think to start your own question and answer system on your WordPress blog site or starting a question and answer system with WordPress. Yes, it is possible. And even you don’t need to work hard and even no coding required to start your own question portal website.

There are some free plugins available which can help you to do it. Just install and activate it and then setup it and than your own website with question and answers system will be launched. Here are some plugins of question and answer system:

DW Question & Answer:

With this nice WordPress plugin your WordPress site will have a full-featured Question & Answer section with the functionaloity like Stack Overflow, Quora or Yahoo Answers

The main features of this nice plugins are given below:

  • Submit , Filter , Order , Edit , Delete Question
  • Answer , Comment options available
  • The system to Vote available and can Pick Best Answer
  • Notification Email system available
  • Instant search by keywords using AJAX
  • 11+ languages supported
  • Captcha supported for secutiy
  • Shortcodes available
  • Private/ Public for Question and Answer
  • Questions / Answers follow function
  • Sticky Question
  • and lots of more to come

There are also some Add-on available for this plugin to extend its features.

CM Answers:

CM Answers is another plugin to transform your WordPress site into a question and answer system. This plugin can enables users to post questions and answers just like stack overflow and with the same style. It also includes voting, moderation, notifications, access control and lots of more.

AnsPress – Question and answer:

This plugin made with developers in mind and highly customizable. AnsPress is the most complete question and answer system solution for WordPress site

List of features:

  • Notification system available.
  • Featured Question available.
  • You can short questions by many way.
  • Ajax features for form submission.
  • Flag and moderate posts.
  • Voting system on question and answer like Quora and Stack Overflow available.
  • Question tags and categories system available like normal WP posts
  • Question labels like Open, close, duplicate new labels can be added easily.
  • Best answers can be selected.
  • Tags suggestions available.
  • Can be comment on question and answer if you enable it.
  • reCaptcha for security available.
  • Advance user access controls
  • Email notification available
  • User able to questions to his favorite
  • User able to profile
  • User able to cover photo
  • Friends and followers system available
  • User points system (reputation) like other QA available


Well, there are some more plugins available, but these will give you a lots and most important is that you will get these plugins for free of cost.


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