WordPress Affiliate Plugin For WooCommerce, eShop


It is now proved that affiliate feature for any eCommerce website increases its sell. The affiliate program is the most powerful way to market your products or services online. You can easily start your own eCommerce platform to sell a product online using some of the popular eCommerce plugins for WordPress like WooCommerce, eShop, Shopp plugin etc. You don’t need to write a single code or you don’t need to be a developer.

But there is an important feature that all eCommerce site need is not present in these plugins. This absent feature is affiliate system where others will help to sell your product using an affiliate link and you give them a commission for each sale they made. Thus this feature will help to increase your sell.

But don’t worry. There is a plugin available for you to enable the affiliate feature. This plugin is integrated with Most WordPress Shopping Carts plugins like WooCommerce, eShop, Shopp plugin, WP eStore, Cart66, WP Shopping Cart etc. This is WordPress Affiliate Platform Plugin.


About WordPress Affiliate Platform Plugin:

WordPress Affiliate Platform is easy to use plugin for affiliate recruitment, management, and tracking. It can be used for any WordPress blog and site. This plugin can be used for several shopping cart plugins like WooCommerce, eShop, Shopp plugin, Cart66, WP Shopping Cart etc.


How it works:

If anyone decide to become an affiliate partner of your website than they can do it buy signing up as an affiliate on your website. After sign up they can get the affiliate ad code (banners/links) for your products that they can put on their websites to direct traffic to your site. generally an affiliate link they provided through which they can drive traffic on your website.  if someone click that affiliate link and buy a product, than the WordPress Affiliate Platform Plugin track it and reward the affiliate partner with a commission.

This plugin has the system of providing real time reporting, accurate commission calculation, offer creatives, referral link generator, PayPal Button Integration, integration with Gravity Forms Plugin, works with HTTPS pages and lots of more.

You can see that world’s top eCommerce websites like amazon, ebay etc have affiliate functionality now to increase sell. So why not for yours? You can make this feature on your site without any coding knowledge just by using this WordPress Affiliate Platform Plugin only within a very short time. It doesn’t matter if you are selling a digital or a physical product, this plugin will work for both physical and digital downloadable goods.


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