Tips To Get High-Quality Backlinks

Magento development data trends today shows that many Ecommerce development companies seems to be  focusing most of their energy in creating new techniques for receiving quality backlinks that most SEOs are using today.

However, without super content, you will be unable to get these kinds of quality links to crack the first page. This simply means that content and links are two important factors that expertise SEOs should have, in fact, to summarize everything, Google recently came out and said that content and links are their first and second ranking factors for any website published.

What is a backlink? They are simply hyperlinks that link from an external webpage back to your own webpage, and we all know that the primary aim of getting quality links is to increase website ranking and traffic as well.

Achieving positive backlinks is faster becoming a problem for many SEOs who want to compete on having their WebPages on the top of a particular niche or topic so that they can rank in top of Google search results. However, if you go through the following tips given here, either as a beginner or as an experienced Ecommerce developer, you are bound to start having quality backlinks from authoritative sites.

TIP 1: Create Great Infographics:-The best way to do this is to first use an infographic sample of a particular topic from a popular and authoritative site preferably a competitor website, and then you do a lot of research on similar topics used on your infographics from other top authoritative sites. After having all the information you need from your research, you can now create a comprehensive and more updated infographics with an eye-catching topic.

TIP 2: Do Guest Blogging:This is a system you can us to get backlinks from Author bio and links within the blog post. The idea here is to strive to be on the radar of some experts by trying to comment on their blog post, signing up to their newsletters and sending them emails, you need to do these with enthusiasm because it is the building of such relationships that can open doors to guest posting. Your guest posting now enables round-up posts to begin to come in and it allows you to make an outreach by sending request to site owners, asking if you can share your content or blog with them. Once the site owner accepts your idea, make sure your Author bio has relevant information like your credentials, photo of yourself, what you do and so on. This is necessary to booster your domain authority. To round-up your successful guest blogging, do not forget to open doors for comments because Google algorithm uses it as a key metrics for ranking of pages.

TIP 3: Use Broken Links of Competitors:When you discover a broken link or dead links on a site, the first step is to tell the site owner that you are willing to replace the link with yours, but when doing these, make sure the content in the topic of your link relates with the dead link content.

You can send requests easily through sending of emails directly or via social media sites. The major problem here is how to discover these broken links. You can discover them with the use of Ahrefs site explorer, which has about two trillion of external back links in its database.

Learn how to use the explorer, but most importantly, make an effort to reach out to the right person, do not persuade the site owners too much, but do some follow-up with sending mails.

TIP 4: Create a Credible Survey Report:The first approach on this technique is to have the statistics of something that relates to your content that you are showing, and then create survey questions about it. The next step is to send your survey to audience that can give you recognition and positive backlinks. Try as much as possible to have over two thousand responses, analyze your survey results by yourself or through a survey company, then you create a landing page for your survey data. When you follow the above steps, you can now write press releases that help you in achieving backlinks from high-profile sites and collect contact list from editors in other to send your press release to them. Lastly, you then use backlink-monitoring tools to do head count for number of backlinks pointing to your survey-landing page.

TIP 5: Get Cited by Online News Articles: – The importance here is to receive a link back to your site from other people’s website or blogs. You can go as far as paying people to cite you in various social media like Facebook, twitter and so on. If about 1000+ people click on the link, it will refer them to your content on your webpage or blog, but be sure that citation links points to the real page of which the information is.

TIP 6: Launch Scholarship Contest:Do these as a target to get valuable backlinks from scholarships relevant to your business. Additionally, you can do an outreach via scholarship directory sites. Do not forget to select a scholarship winner and celebrate with him/her on social media.

TIP 7: Use Skyscraper Techniques: – Use this technique to create a better content than your competitors and reach out to their backlink providers and tell them to link back to you instead.

TIP 8: Do Promotions: – Submit your website or blog to blog aggregators like ALLTop and Blogarama, and other sites that can promote your content like Blogcatalog, Ontoplist and Digg.

TIP 9: Use Backlink Monitoring Tools: – This is important for monitoring of progress on whatever type of technique you use for acquiring backlinks. Some of the helpful tools are Broken Link Builder, Linkody, Pitchbox and Check My Links

In Conclusion, do not forget to answer questions on news sourcing sites that ask questions about how to earn Authority backlinks; your answers can in turn give you a positive backlink.


About the author:

Junaid Ali Qureshi is an ecommerce entrepreneur with a passion for tech and marketing. Some of his current ventures include, Progos Tech, Titan Tech and Smart Marketing. 





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