What Is Bounce Rate In Alexa For A Site Or Blog?

Bounce Rate In Alexa

Alexa.com collect websites data from all over the world to rank the website. Most of the bloggers only care for the Alexa rank of their blog site and they only think to get lots of traffic. But very few bloggers care for an important factor of their blog that Alexa show. This is the bounce rate of a site on Alexa.

So what is bounce rate and how website bounce rate measure?

Suppose 500 visitors visited your blog site on a day and landed on any page/post on your blog. The visitors can be from organic search, social media, paid ads, newsletters and so on. Now if 250 visitors of the 500 visitors leave your blog without clicking or visiting any other pages of your blog then the bounce rate of your site on yesterday was:

(250/500) x 100 = 50%

Does this make sense? I think you have understand what is website bounce rate on Alexa and how it measure.

Now it can be say that website bounce rate is the measurement of the percentage of visitors that lands on your blog post or any other page of your site and leaves that page without visiting any other page on your site. So it is also clear to you that a good bounce rate means the bounce rate should be as low as possible. Lower bounce rate means it is always better for your blog.

High bounce rate of your blog means it is really bad for your blog and you have to work to decrease the bounce rate. Having high bounce rate indicate that your blog is not so interesting to peoples. So always make your blog interesting so that peoples like your blog and thus you can decrease the bounce rate of your blog which is good for your website or blog.

As a blogger I can say that it is good for a blog site to have bounce rate within 50%. There are several steps that you can take to improve or reduce in your website bounce rate. Maintaining a good bounce rate is difficult but it is not impossible. Read this post to know how to reduce or improve your blog in Alexa bounce rate – How To Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Blog On Alexa?

Bounce rate can be a great way to see how successful is a blog site and also it indicate that how peoples are engaging on your blog. It is the measurement of how much peoples like and how much interesting is your blog.


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