Is Improving Alexa Rank Is Important For Your Blog?

Improve Alexa Rank

I have already write some articles on Alexa ranking system and this time I am going to explain if Alexa rank improvement or reducing Alexa rank is important or not.

Before I am going to tell you if improving Alexa rank of your blog is important or not I am going to tell you how Alexa measures website rank.

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There are lots of things on which Alexa ranking system work. Generally Alexa determined website rank by the amount of traffic the website or blog receive. There are lots of other things on which also the Alexa ranking system work. Alexa also determined if the blog update regularly or not to rank it. Also Alexa count bounce rate, time spent per visitors on the blogging site etc.

So, Is Improving Alexa Rank Is Important For Your Blog?

So is Alexa rank improvement is important? Well one thing you should know that not exactly Alexa rank, but increasing the traffic amount is important for your blog. And most interestingly there is a relation between the traffic amount and Alexa rank of your site or blog. More real traffic you get on your blog means more improvement of your Alexa rank.

So you can see that technically nothing is depending on Alexa rank, but Alexa rank of a site is depending on several factors of a site like traffic amount, pageviews per visitors, updating frequency etc.

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Though technically nothing is depending on Alexa rank, but in a point of view for a blog site to get direct advertisement proposal Alexa rank is important. So why it is important? Any idea? Okay, I am going to explain it.

Why improving Alexa ranking of a blog website is important?

As I told that Alexa ranking system give traffic amount most priority for rank a blog or site, so obviously Alexa rank reflect the traffic amount for a blog. You will not get the exact traffic amount of a website from Alexa, but you can get an idea how much the traffic amount may be.

Lets come to the point. Most of the advertisers would like to know about the traffic amount of your blog before they pay for direct ad or for paid review type post. They may check the Alexa rank of your blogging site to get the idea about traffic amount you receive on your blog. So if they see that the Alexa rank of your blog is really good then the chances of choosing your blog for advertise or paid reviews from the advertisers will be increase.

Thus a good Alexa traffic rank of your blog help you to make more revenue from your blog because it help you to get more direct ad from advertisers and paid reviews from company or brands.

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So you have already understand that why improving Alexa rank for a blog site is important and how it can increase the earning of your blog by providing more direct ad and more request for paid reviews.


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