WP Engine WordPress Hosting Review


WordPress is the most popular content management system and the backbone of millions of website today. So there are dozens of hosting provider that providing managed hosting environment only for WordPress. WP Engine is one of them which is providing managed WordPress hosting. WP Engine is not like traditional web hosting. It only provides hosting for WordPress and the environment is for speed up the WordPress site. Here in this post, I am going to write a review of WP Engine managed WordPress hosting.

Security, speed, and scalability:

Security, speed, and scalability are the most important factors for any online website and also for a WordPress site. Every WP Engine customer benefits from the same robust and performance-oriented software technology stack which ensures top security, speed, and scalability. The super fast speed of WP Engine WordPress site is one of the major factors for happy customers. The site will load with very fast server respond time and page load time will be fast. WP Engine protects your WordPress site with daily malware scans and a firewall that’s updated daily to block the latest threats from your site. This hosting provider states that if your site gets hacked, it’ll repair the damage free of charge.

Traffic handling capacity:

The personal plane has the capacity of perfectly handle 25 K monthly visitors and it can be up to more than 5 millions visits per month. So you can see that a huge amount of traffic can be easily handled by WP Engine. Although those who has migrated their site are recommended to use WP Engine when your website visits less than 4 million.

Customer Service:

The WP Engine team always ready to answer any question. If you have any issue just contact the customer service team of WP Engine and you they will contact you after negligible wait times. They give you 24/7 email support. Unfortunately, they only give support with toll free number only Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST. But you can be sure about 24/7 email support.

Money-Back Guarantee:

WP Engine offers you a 60-days of money-back guarantee that’s far superior to Pressable’s 15-day trial period. This really gives you a chance if you would like to continue with WP Engine or not.

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