What is Webspam and how it can negatively affect on a site?

In this article, I am going to tell you about one kind of black hat SEO technique that is used in the intense rank higher on Google search results. You have already heard about spam that can appear in your email, comment on the blog post or many other places. But what it means by webspam? Here I am going to tell you.

After reading this article, you will get the idea and understand what is webspam and how it can affect negatively on the site’s overall ranking.

What is Webspam?

Webspam is a technique that is used by low-quality websites to rank higher on the search engine like Google but actually, these kinds of websites do not deserve for it.

Here are some of the tactics that people may use and consider as web spam:

Keyword stuffing:

Repeating keywords, Making invisible or hidden text inside the body of a web page, make text color same as background color to hide text, block of paragraphs with different search terms text and many more are considered as keyword stuffing. I suggest you to read this blog post to know more about keyword stuffing – What Is Keyword Stuffing And Why It Is bad For A Site?

Buying backlinks:

Buying backlinks to rank higher on search engine is against Google search ranking policies. If Google found you in buying backlinks or selling backlinks through your site then Google can penalize your site. This will surely considered as webspam.

Link spamming:

Link Spamming is another type of webspam that also includes anchor text spamming. Search engines consider not only the mass of link spam, but also the anchor text as this is one of the more important signals from a ranking perspective.

  • Gaining links from low-quality of directory listing sites where lots of website listed in their directory
  • Links that are distributed in the footer bar of other websites
  • Text advertisements with links back
  • Links embedded into an article but where the text link is out of context and makes no grammatical sense

How Can Web Spam negatively affect on a site?

If your site found in doing something that is considered as webspam which is against Google search engine policies then your site may be penalized by Google algorithm update. There are several types of Google algorithm update exists to make Google search results free from low quality content. Google Penguin Update is one of those algorithm updates which can penalize those sites that found in doing webspam.

Many websites have lost huge amount of search traffic for the recent Penguin update of Google. So it is clear that web spam surely has a huge negative impact for a site. Webspam can be the reason for huge search traffic drop for which your revenue can be decreased significantly.

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