Why It Is Best To Choose WordPreess For Starting A Blog?

WordPress is a CMS application that is primarily use for starting a blogging site. A huge number of blogging sites are running using WordPress. Also about 30% off all websites either it is blogs or any other types of websites run using WordPress and the use of WordPress is increasing day by day.

Surely WordPress is currently the most popular CMS application and most of the bloggers are using it for their blog. Even also EyeSwift is running using WordPress.

Of you ask me which application should you use to start your blog site, then I will also recommend you to use WordPress to start your blogging site. It is always best to choose WordPress for starting a blog.

In this post I am going to tell you why is is best to choose as your blog application.

Why it is best to choose WordPress as your blogging application other than any other blog application?

So why it is best to choose WordPress for starting your blog site? Well there are a lots of reason that you should use WordPress as your blog site. Here are most od thee reasons I have explained:

WordPress is easy to use and easy admin dashboard:

The admin dashboard is so easy and easily you can write and publish post. Easy to create category and subcategory.

WordPress is easy to learn:

It is really easy to learn WordPress than most of the other CMS applications.

Huge amount of plugins available for WordPress:

There are huge numbers of plugins available for WordPress. You can extend the features of your WordPress blog site and also you can add new features on your WordPress blog site using plugins. You don’t need any coding knowledge to use plugins. A huge number of free plugins available on official WordPress site.

Huge number of themes available almost for any purpose:

There are a huge number of themes available for WordPress site. You can choose one from a variety of themes that is suit most for your blog’s niche. There are lots of free themes you can get from official WordPress site.

Sufficient WordPress experts and support available:

As WordPress is the most popular CMS application, so the number of experts in WordPress also higher than any other CMS. You can easily get someone if you see any bug and issue and other WordPress related work.

Also you can get good support from official wordpress.org site. Even now also I find solution for WordPress on the official WordPress support.

Search engine friendly:

You can make your WordPress site search engine friendly easily by using one of the SEO plugin. All in one SEO, Yoast SEO are popular free SEO plugins.

Better WordPress SEO By Add Schema Structured Markup Plugin

WordPress is Safe and Secure:

WordPress is developed with security in mind, so it is considered quite safe and secure to run any website. However, just like the real world, the internet can be an uncertain place. But there are lots of plugins available that can help you to secure your blog built with WordPress.

WordPress is more than a blog:

WordPress is not only for blog. Suppose you want to sell digital products directly from your blog that are running on WordPress application. You can do it just by using one of the plugin that can do this task. Easy Digital Download WordPress plugin let you do that. Using Easy Digital Download plugin you can sell any digital downloadable goods like videos, photos etc directly from your blog site.

Or you can also start a full feature eCommerce website for selling both physical and digital goods online through your site by using WooCommerce plugin.


And there are lots of more reasons that you should use WordPress for your blogging site and this is the best choice. You are reading this blog EyeSwift is also running using WordPress.

Once you just start using WordPress, you will be fall in love with it and you will then understand why WordPress is best for starting a blogging website.


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  1. I think that wordpress is definitely the best blogging platform to date. Not only is it easy to learn and use, but it’s customization options make it a viable option for all types of bloggers (new or old).


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