Contact Form With PayPal Payment For Your Website By Jotform

Contact form is one of the must have essential tool for any kind of website and also it is required for a blog website. But did you ever think if you had a contact form where peoples pay with PayPal during the submission of that form?

Contact form that accept payment before submission of that form can be used in various way. If you just have a blog website then you can accept payment using this form for paid reviews and for direct advertising on your blog.

In this post I am going to write about a contact form provider which also provide contact form with PayPal payment absolutely for free. However you can upgrade to their premium plan. But you don’t need to use premium plan if your traffic currently not so much. You can go with their free plan.

About JotForm

JotForm is a contact form provider for websites. You can use it for your website or blog. Visitors will be able to contact you on your website. You just need to put the code on your site where you want the form to be appear.

JotForm with PayPal payment

JotForm is a contact form which can also receive payment through PayPal. Free plan enable you to receive 100 Monthly Submissions, SSL Secure Submissions, Receive 10 Payments. Their premium plan starting from $19/Month.


Free plan let you create 5 forms. It doesn’t matter if it accepting the PayPal payment or not. The total form is 5 that you can create with free plan. Also you get 1000 monthly form views, 500 total submission storage.

You can see how your forms are performing with Form Analytics. Use the data to optimize your conversion rates and improve the functionality of your forms.

You can choose ready made template designed on JotForm. This is what they say-

“Make your forms look just the way you want them. Responsive by default, your forms will look just as amazing on every mobile device. Choose ready to use styles, beautiful fonts, backgrounds, and color schemes.”

I also found this on JotForm website:

“The Facebook Live team had a flawless experience using JotForm during an online event with President Barack Obama. The product withstood a massive amount of traffic in a 60 minute period. We see a lot of value in the product features and the ability to customize a perfect submission form for any event.”  –Erin Kanaley, Facebook

The amazing thing on JotForm is that every single user has complete access to all of the features of JotForm. You need to purchase a plan only when you see more form submission, file upload space, need more sub-users etc. Otherwise you can go with free plan with the same features that you can see on premium.

It is really simple and easy to use. No need to go with the complicated technical skills. Just copy and paste it where you want it to be visible. You ncan also avoid it by using a WordPress plugin that is let you add the contact form easily in your page or post.


So you have seen how JotForm can help for you website or blog or your online business. Even I am also using JotForm for my blog EyeSwift at the time of writing this post. I also recommend you to use it on your site. It can accept online Payment through PayPal, can be use as simple comment form, can be accept uploaded file and more. It really amazing and one of the best contact form provider that is lots of to me.

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